Monday, 30 September 2013

Don't SupPose there's anything on TV Tonight?

I couldn't resist playing with this TV with poses from SupPoses - it's creepy but fun! It's available now from Cosmo Sales Room - and there's also a Scarie Movie Sofa - you have to get it for a laugh with your friends lol.. though I dont think this one is very friendly, maybe she didn't want to watch a Scarie Movie?
 This brilliant TV also has couples Poses but Alma didnt want to play! She comes from Pixlights Factory - she does have her own TV too!
My dress on here is called Lascive by Sakide The awesome Latex Fetish Spiked Boots are from WAD Designs also available on MP HERE. Hair is Arbor by Damselfly.
 Go check out the SupPoses Store if you get chance, they have a fun Halloween Tree with poses as well as other model poses and great photo props :) Thanks for checking my blog, come back soon!

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