Saturday, 30 August 2014

'She Bangs' ft Elysium, ZOZ, GiuliaDesign, Little Bones, Ikon, Slink, Maxi Gossamer.

Another advance peek at one of the exclusive outfits coming up @ 24² Event from 5th September.
This lovely 'Elison' belted mini dress is a 24² exclusive from Guilia Design and has a texture change hud with ten options - It's really great to see designers using these huds, gives us more choices! Hair is Little Bones 'Eulogy' - hair band was a gift from noname. Eyes are Ikon Vanity in Platinum.
Nail Appliers is by ZOZ, was at the Designer Circles till today, but visit the main store for more gorgeous appliers and mesh nails for slink hands. The 'Bali Gypsy' hand jewels and 'Part Time Boho Princess' earrings are Maxi Gossamer.
New from Elysium is the 'Kate' skin - this is the non freckle version, though I do love the freckled one too.  I added some Kosh purple liquid eyeshadow and Blacklace Eyeshaper with Lashes Tattoo. The shoes below are from ZOZ @ The Wild West Fair till 3rd September - these are called 'Western Belle' and have a cute butterfly on the front - they look great with denim too!
Poses are Pose+ivity and I took the photos at Tableau. Thanks for checking my blog and please come back soon!

Friday, 29 August 2014

'Blow Away' ft WOW. Blacklace, Pomposity, Rowena's Designs, ZOZ, Ikon, Exile, Pose+ivity

Not much longer to wait now until the much anticipated Siren Productions Event - 24² - and it's going to be even bigger and better! More designers! More Clothes! More Skins! More Hair! More Make-up! More Accessories! All limited editions exclusives for the discerning customers in Second Life who like to be individual and unique in how they look. Here's a sneak preview from Blacklace, just one of the talented designers featured at the event.
Shorts are Blacklace  Brandy Rust Shorts w/ Moss Belt  (24²- Starts Sept 5th)
Top is Blacklace  Brooke Fall Shades Bustier Corset (24²- Starts Sept 5th)
Shoes are Blacklace  Belinda Moss Wedge Heels (24²- Starts Sept 5th)
Bag is Blacklace Belinda Moss Purse (24²- Starts Sept 5th)
Skin is Eshe Bronze by WOW Skins @ Designer Circle. Eyes are Ikon Vanity in Platinum. The gorgeous Calla Lily Necklace and Earrings set is from Rowena's Designs and comes with a colour change hud.
Diamond Turquoise Bangle is Pomposity and the Nail Appliers are ZOZ Glitter Kiss.
Hair is Exile - Blown Away. Poses are all Pose+ivety.
Thanks for checking the old blog and come back soon, pleeeeasssseeee!!!

'Going Under' ft Elysium, Plastik, Maitreya, Slouch, Ikon, Death Row Designs, Truth, Pandemonium

Ooohh, I am sure my avi looks the spitting image of Amy from Evanescence.. well a bit anyway!
I'm showing off the latest Elysium skin again today - this is Kate in the Chai tone - Not easy to blog skins perfectly, everyone sees them differently on their own computers with facelights, windlights etc, which is why trying the free demos at the main store is a good idea and there are some lovely group gifts there to pick up, so no reason not to! I added make up for a goth effect - black lips from Curves and Queen Bee Eyeliner from Pink Acid. Eyes are from Ikon - Immortal - Sage
I was really chuffed to find this Starias outfit at The Plastik at a bargain price - it includes the dress, collar, horns and jewelry - the Demon Hands are from Death Row Designs - another place with awesome group gifts at the Main Store. The body tattoo was from an Eternal Darkness outfit called Feral Kitty which is HERE on Marketplace.
The Black Gold Snake Boots are an old fave of mine from Maitreya. Poses are from Slouch and I took the pics at Afterlife - it's like a graveyard outside the club and a lot of the items are from Pandemonium - if you're looking for inspiration for Gothic or Dark, Spooky Builds, you need to check the Main Store out as well as Marketplace, there are demo areas you can rez the buildings etc, I could spend all day there lol.

 Thanks for checking my blog and come back soon!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

'There is a House in..' ft Elysium, Rowena's Designs, ZOZ, Bens Beauty, Rowne, Pekka, Ikon, Slink

There is a house on this gorgeous Faircrest sim I visited today and it's awesome, I wish I could create such lovely things but it's just as nice to visit and admire!
Talking of lovely things - Elysium have just released a new skin called 'Kate' and here's my first post featuring the creme tone - She comes with appliers for: Slink Hands, Feet and Physique, WowMeh, Lolas, Loudmouth, Babybump and Phat Azz. There are three eyebrow colors in tattoo layers, and the skin comes with or without freckles/cleavage and a choice of 8 skin tones.
Thanks again to Rowena's Designs for yet another stunning outfit, I've been wearing this on and off for three days which is a novelty for me, I usually last a few hours before it's all change! This is 'Kenzie' - top and pants and has a texture change hud so several options to choose from. Also from Rowena these wicked little 'Calla Lily' earrings and 'Alae Atrae' necklace, just what I needed - I spend ages looking for accessories to blog with - the beauty of these is they also have a colour change hud so can wear the same ones with different colour outfits, brilliant! The bracelet and ring are 'Eden' from Bens Beauty.
Hair is Agethe from Rowne I found @ Collabor88, Eyes are Ikon Lucid in 'Optimism' and lipstick is Pekka Homicidal, which matches the pillar box red Nail Appliers from ZOZ which you can get from the members corner at the Main Store - I love this set - sometimes you just want a plain colour with a bit of sparkle and this is it - 'Glitter Kiss'!  Also from ZOZ are the heels for Slink High Feet - these are 'Maja' and will be featured at the 'Rock Your Rack' show Sept 1st - 15th.
Poses I used here are Del May on the bottom pic and Posetivity for the top one. The middle pose was built into the bed. Thank you all again for checking my blog and please come back soon  x

Monday, 25 August 2014

'Turn Back Time' ft PumeC, ZOZ, JK Style, Lamb, Glow Designs, MG

Feel very Marilyn in this outfit - simple design but a classic style you can dress up with accessories to create different looks ..  omg listen to me, I sound like I know what I'm talking about don't I? lol..
The skin here is from PumeC - Miranda in Winter shade, hair is my new fave short style from Lamb called 'Nothing' and the eyeliner is Evian Rockstar Silver from Egoisme.
The Zelyna Neutrals dress, shoes and clutch bag are by JK Style @ the Fresh Style Bi-Weekly Salesroom now - it has a colour change hud for the dress too, always a bonus!
Nail Appliers here are from ZOZ - Natural Silver Heart @ Designer Circle - the watch is from Glow Designs and the Pearl Necklace is Maxi Gossamer. Eyes are Ikon Lucid Optimism.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

24 Squared Event Coming soon!

Won't be long now till the 24 Squared Event, organised by Siren Productions gets under way - they've just release the list of designers that will be featured at the event - just to wet your appetites.. starts 5th September!
69 Park Ave
Gizza Creations     
Jumo Fashion      
Pure Poison            
WoW Skins
Bravura! Homme          
KL Couture      
Ohh-la-licious Skins        
Purplemoon Creations  
Styles by Danielle
Xen's Hats
Yasum Designs
(Red) Sands
.: Like Designs:.
[ iren ]
[Loveme] Skins
{MUA} you MakeUP Addiction
{U.R.} Fashion Designs
Analog Dog
Baubles by Phe
Belle Amie
Blvck Anchor
There's loads of things arranged by Siren Productions happening during the event too - so make a date in your diaries for these:
FRIDAY Sept 5th, 2014
12:00pm – 1:00pm -- Cheerno Fashion Show
  1:00pm – 3:00pm --  SL Live Radio Live W/ DJ Thorn & DJ Jamy
  4:00pm – 5:00pm -- Lybra Fashion Show
  5:00pm – 7:00pm -- Cultured The Magazine Opening Party
SATURDAY Sept 6th,2014
12:00pm – 1:00pm -- The 24² Men's Exclusive Show
  1:00pm – 3:00pm -- AIM European Opening Party
  5:00pm – 6:00pm -- The 24² Womens Exclusive Show

SUNDAY Sept 7th, 2014
12:00pm – 1:00pm -- Rapture Fashion Show
  5:00pm – 6:00pm -- 69 Park Ave Fashion Show
TUESDAY Sept 9th, 2014
12:00pm – 2:00pm -- SL Live Radio W/ DJ Johny

WEDNESDAY Sept 10th, 2014
12:00pm – 1:00pm -- Gabriel Fashion Show
  1:00pm – 3:00pm -- SL Live Radio Live from The 24²
  5:00pm – 6:00pm -- JUMO Fashion Runway Show
FRIDAY Sept 12th, 2014
12:00pm – 1:00pm -- WoW Skins Skin Show
  1:00pm – 3:00pm --  SL Live Radio Live W/ DJ Thorn & DJ Jamy
  5:00pm – 6:00pm -- Pure Poison Fashion Show
SATURDAY Sept 13th, 2014
12:00pm – 1:00pm -- Gizza Creations Fashion Show
 4:00pm – 5:00pm -- SCALA Closing Party
 5:00pm – 6:00pm -- LIVGLAM Fashion Show

See you all there xx

'The Things We Do!' ft Rowena Springflower, ZOZ, Exile, Emo-tions, Adoness, Modish, Slink, Ikon, MV

Well it started off as a good day before it descended in chaos lol.. I was looking for somewhere to take pictures of this Rowena's Designs 'Elaine' Victorian Skirt & Jacket Suit, so I browsed a Flickr Group showing Destinations and found this place. I was advised by a friend that this outfit would be fantastic for steampunk RP, though I didn't confess I am not entirely sure what steampunk is, or if the word even existed before SL?
So I flew around a bit, strutted my stuff .. as you do, got a couple of half decent pics.. managed to get the ZOZ Natural Silver Heart Nails (from Designer Circle) in the pics as well as the Exile Crazy in Love Hair, Modish Kandice skin, Emo-tions Pearl Ring and Adoness Lady Crow Earrings
The 'Elaine' outfit has a seperate texture changer for the skirt and jacket so you can alter the colour of the collar, vest, jacket, laces, skirt and skirt panels, so loads of options to play with. Also wearing the 'Kostika' boots I won on a lucky letter board at MV - then, my work complete, I walked down an alleyway and bumped into ....
Yikes! My Ikon Promise Eyes almost jumped out of my head lol!
Thanks for checking my blog today, come back soon!

Friday, 22 August 2014

'Till you Drop' ft Sup Poses, ZOZ, PC, Pomposity, Mandala, Ikon, Slink, Truth, PumeC

If you haven't checked out the Fresh Style Bi-Weekly Fashion Sales Room yet, you don't know what you're missing - get on over there and bag a bargain! I am swanking around in this sexy Alexia Outfit today from Phwoar Couture @ Fresh Style - has a colour change hud too and you can get the top and skirt seperately if you prefer. The Desire Shoes for Slink High Feet are from ZOZ - they are available now @ Cosmo Sales Room till end of August.
Talking of bags - Sup Poses have a set of poses @ Fresh Style this round called 'Shopping? Me?' which also include the shopping bags - fab for all us bloggers - I know I spend half my time looking for new poses - something a little different from the ordinary - and if they can show off the hands and face in the same pose, as in the one below, even better! The Multi Cross Ring is from Pomposity and the Dog Tag Necklace is Mandala. The stunning Eyeliner here is also from Phwoar Couture @ Fresh Style, this is the white/black colour.
New this week from Truth is this gorgeous Nissa hair style - thought I'd try a different colour for a change - looks great with the Ikon Lucid Optimism Eyes and ZOZ Shimmer Basics Nail Appliers (at Designer Showcase till end of August)
I don't know that I ever heard of PumeC Skins before yesterday - I just saw one in a blog and went over to the store to investigate - if you're looking for a free skin there are a couple of nice gifts there which I picked up, but then I saw this Marina skin in the Winter Tone and .. well here she is lol. Thank you to the creator for incuding an applier hud in with the skin too, definitely a plus point in their favour! Marina comes in 4 skintones: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, you also get a shape, lashes tattoo, freckles, cleavage options and 5 eyebrow options including no brow.
Thanks again for checking out my blog - and please come back soon!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

'Purple Reigns' ft WOW, Mina, ZOZ, Ikon, MG, WTB, Kosh, Sup-Poses, Slink

Not often I just post one picture on it's own but I just love this one! This is the dark tan option of the WOW Eshe skin from Designer Circle, really beautiful skin, and one of my fave hairstyles from Mina now has this shorter version - Femke 2 out at Cosmo Sales Room so course I HAD to get it in my fave red colour! The delicate embroidered 'Melissa' mesh blouse is by WTB @ Fresh Style.
Eyes are Ikon Lucid Optimism and shadow is Kosh Liquid Eyeshadow in Ice Blue, Lashes Tattoo with Liner is Blacklace Beauty. Nail Appliers for Slink Hands is ZOZ @ Designer Circle - Natural Silver Heart Polish. Jewelry is from Maxi Gossamer - True Hearts Necklace/Earrings and Venetian Fortune Ring. Pose is Sup Poses 'OmGosh 1' @ Fresh Style and I took this pic at Afterlife.

Thank you :)

'Let it Shine' ft StormCrow Designs, Corvus, Deathrow Designs, Pomposity, ZOZ, Eternal Dreams, Ikon, Slink. Avid

I found some fantastic Group Gifts at Deathrow Designs today so I thought I'd goth things up a little for this post - starting with the Zara skin - it was FREE from Corvus on Marketplace HERE which is always a bonus lol!
Hair is from Avid - great place to check out if you're looking for goth inspiration - this style is called Helena. The 'Danika' fun top and pants are from StormCrow Designs @ Fresh Style Bi-Weekly Sales Event. The oufit also contains another top, earrings and a pair of Strap Shoes for Slink High Feet which arent shown here.
The Bullet Bracelet and Multi Cross Rings are from Pomposity - Eyes are Ikon Promise in Coffee and the Nail Appliers for Slink Hands are from ZOZ @ Designer Showcase - Shimmer Basic French Polish.
The Headband is from a Gacha @ Deathrow Designs and the Group Gifts were the Bracelet, Boots and Chain Necklace. Poses are Eternal Dreams 'Altair' from Cosmo Sales Room and I took the pics at Afterlife.
Hope you're all having a good day and come back soon!

'Silver Lady' ft Rowena Springflower, Wow, ZOZ, Zoom, Hucci, RYCA, Lamb, Tantalum, Sup-Poses, ED, We're Closed

Ummm, would I be showing my age if I admitted 'Silver Lady' by David Soul was the first record I ever bought? lol.. those were the days .. when I had his name scribbled on my pencil case..  On with the blogging Suzy... Here is the latest skin from WOW - she's called 'Eshe' and I love this one, it's similar to one of my favourites Becky but the make-up & lips are different - and amazingly you can pick this up right now at the latest Designer Circle for only $L99! This is the Bronze Tone, it's also available in Tan or Dark Tan and all the usual appliers are available if you don't already have them.
Songs spring into my mind when I am blogging and this one did when I tried this gorgeous silver dress from Rowena Springflower - this is 'Lisa' - and of course with Rowena's Designs, you dont just get this colour, there's a texture change hud so you could be a Lady in Red, Lilac, Pink or Yellow! Nail Applier for Slink Hands & Feet here is Shimmer Basics French Polish by ZOZ @ Designer Showcase.
I get the feeling that Rowena is a fellow Hair Addict so I'm guessing she'll also love this new hair from Lamb, it's called 'Nothing' and you get rigged and unrigged versions - this is from the Light Blondes Pack. The Del Ray Sunglasses here are from Cosmo Sales Room from Zoom - these are Silver Frames but Bronze and Gold are also included. Calbe Pumps in Midnight Silver for Slink High Feet are from Hucci.
Jewelry is from RYCA, apart from the Flower Ring which is from Tantalum @ Fresh Style for $L10. Poses here - Bottom one is from Sup-Poses 'Check My Azz 4' - the one above is 'Check My Azz 3' - the Stool is from 'We're Closed' @ Cosmo Sales Room, and the top one is 'Altair 7' from Eternal Dreams, also at Cosmo Sales Room.
Thank you again for checking my blog and come back soon!!

Monday, 18 August 2014

'Make my Day' ft Precious Designs, Glance, Glow Designs, Pekka, Hello Dave, Pomposity, RO, Obscure, Illmatic

I see some real bad-ass-bitch looking avis on SL, and I wish I could make mine look the same for some pics, but whatever I do I still end up looking 'nice'! So this is the best I can do till someone shows me how to do it! Starting with the skin - this is an old fave of mine - Anais from Glance.
This skirt and top are a new release from Precious Designs I love the cuff belt on this Glory & Gore skirt - there is a texture change hud included so you can have a choice of six colours or mix and match.
Emora Braids & Hairbase are from Illmatic, Sunglasses from Glow Designs @ Designer Circle. Face Piercing is Juicious from Pekka, and the amazing Arsenal Earrings are from Remarkable Oblivion.
Padlock Punk Necklace, Cuff Rings and Bracelets and the Bullet Bracelet are all Pomposity. The Gun/Holster is from Obscure - Nail Appliers for Slinks are from Hello Dave - Still Night.
The Glory & Gore shoes above for Slink High Feet are also new from Precious Designs - they match the outfit and also have a hud to change the colour same as the outfit - they are available seperately at the Main Store.

'Autumn Colours' ft Rowena Springflower, Panda Punx, ZOZ, RYCA, Zenith, Dura

I found a beautiful sim today while I was exploring - the colours here at Frisland Laluna Island are breathtaking - not sure how I ended up taking the photos in the shed with all that scenery to look at but hey ho lol..
This top and pants set is 'Karen' from Rowena Springflower - you know, mesh really has transformed clothes on SL - when I clicked to wear this, I just thought wow.. the shading and colour and design is so clever, it just looks so real you can almost touch it. This outfit has a colour change hud, I really should have shown you the others, but this is my favourite, and you can see the others at the Main Store
Hair is from Dura - Girl 51 - and all the Jewelry is from RYCA, it's not the cheapest store on SL, but I love the gold there. looks very realistic.. not like the old fashioned blingy flashing stuff that was around when I started.
This lovely Tilly {Bashful} Milky Skin is from Panda Punx @ Cosmo Sales Room - It comes in regular and cleavage and includes a skin hud that supports the following appliers: Lolas Tango, Puffy, BBusty, [d] Lush, Phat Azz, Cute Azz, Perfect Bum, Brazilia, Ghetto Booty, Banned, Slink Hands & Feet, Loud Mouth,Wowmeh and Baby Bump. I have to mention again how brilliant the applier hud is  with these skin - one hud, click on the required applier and away you go - simples! And the skin is only 99$L too - seperate copy/mod shape (not shown) is also available for 99$L. Nail Applier for Slink Hands and Feet is ZOZ 'Just Dark Metals' and the Bohemian String Platform shoes here are from Zenith.
I hope I've done this Rowena Springflower outfit justice, it really is gorgeous - if you have chance, pop over to the store, as well as all the new goodies on offer, there are also MM Board, Lucky Letters and even free items for members of the 'SL Frees & Offers' Group! Thank you for checking my blog!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

'Pure & Simple' ft WOW, ZOZ, Rowena Springflower, Belleza, MG, Mina, Lindsey Warwick, Ikon, Elikatira

I was really glad to find the sale at Elikatira is still on for a while longer, so I picked up the Essentials Pack of Marnie Hair for 99L - I love this ginger shade, I always look for this colour in every hair I buy, but the Essentials pack is great for blogging.
If you missed the WOW skin Rayene at the Designer Circle, you'll be glad to hear it's now available at the main store, this is the Dark Tan option which is my favourite, but is also available in Bronze or Tan and all the usual appliers are available. Glasses here are Kumaki Rasa.
This smart but sexy skirt and top with colour change hud is called Sadie from Rowena Springflower, you really should check out the store - I love the detail on this outfit, whichever angle you look it's gorgeous! Peace Necklace and Hampton Boho Ring are Maxi Gossamer.
If you have Slink High Feet, you really need to get these Umbriel Tanned Sandals over at Lindsey Warwick's Store - this colour is free for members of the SL Frees and Offers Group - they really are amazing quality and this colour will go with so many outfits. Nail Applier for Slink Hands/Feet here is ZOZ Natural Touch French Polish which was at a sales room previously - there is a similar version @ Designer Circle soon with a small gold or silver heart. Poses from oOo Studio and Meka - pics taken @ Afterlife.


Friday, 15 August 2014

'Now It Seems Years' ft VIPs Creations, ZOZ, Loveme Skins, Emo-tions, Slink

Another quick post today to show you this lovely dress from VIPs Creations - This is the Boho Meadow outfit which includes the bag either in hand or shoulder, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry and lipstick - not only that but there is a hud which gives the option of four different designs and there are bags to match them all. Check out the other options on Marketplace or in the Main Store.
This pretty Lexie tan skin was a group gift at LoveMe skins - really pretty with pink lips and comes with cleavage/moles tattoos and appliers for Slinks, Physique, Wowmeh, Tango etc which is brilliant!
Hair is Carmen from Emo-tions and the Nail Applier for Slink Hands is Natural Touch French Polish from ZOZ @ Cosmo Sales Room till tomorrow, so get a move on if you want that!
Thank you all again for checking my blog - have a good day and come back soon!   


'Nothing Ventured' ft WOW, ZOZ, Adoness, A&A, Crystal Line, Poised, Ikon, Slink, Del May

"Now the evening has come to a close
And I've had my last dance with you
On to the empty streets we go
And it might be my last chance with you
So I might as well get it over
The things I have to say won't wait until another day... "

I had completely forgotten that song from yonks ago, then I heard it yesterday and realised I still knew all the words, but then I can't remember what I had for tea yesterday, I think that might be a bad sign lol.. I do remember this beautiful jewelry though, from Crystal Line, I think the necklace was a past free gift and the earrings/bracelets are from Mabe Pearl Grape Set with colour change metal/pearl hud. The nail polish for the Slink Hands & Feet is by ZOZ - Shimmer Basics French Polish @ Designer Showcase till 29th August.
Today I am showing off this beautiful skin from WOW again, it has such a beautiful glow about it, this is the Dark Tan option of Becky which is on sale now at District 5. Eyes are from Ikon - Lucid Optimism. Believe me or believe me not, this gorgeous A&A Skye Dark Mahogany Hair was only 1$L on Marketplace.
Also Exclusively @ District 5 is this sexy little Crinoline Dress from Adoness - this is Marguerite in Blood Red . The Silver Shoes for Slink High Feet are a free group gift at Poised, very dainty and feminine! Poses are from Del May.