Saturday, 24 May 2014

'Forever and a Day' ft VIPs Creations, Essences, ZoZ, Slink, Tableau Vivant

Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end, we'd sing and dance forever and a day..
 We'd live the life we'd chose, we'd fight and never lose..
 For we were young and sure to have our way..
 Those were the days, oh yes those were the days...

Credits :
Outfit/Jewelry/Shoes/Bag/Glasses/Lips - VIPs Creations - Boho Style2
Skin - Essences - Siggy (lait) @ The Dressing Room
Mesh Hands - Slink
Nail Appliers - ZoZ - Foil Tips Spring
Hair - Monk - Tableau Vivant

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Friday, 23 May 2014

'Hand on Heart' ft Something New Poses, WoW, VIPs Creations, Pomposity, Maxi Gossamer, ZoZ, Slink, Ikon, Apple Spice, Lamb

I've said before that it's not so easy to find poses to show off hands and nails in photos, but it's just been made a darn sight easier thanks to these 'Something New' Blog My Nails poses - there are six in this pack so I thought I may as well show them all - the first and last poses are from Apple Spice.
The Sexy Shoes are Miss Canning Etienne, they're for Slink High Feet and available in loads of colours.
The Turquoise and Silver Bangle is from Maxi Gossamer.
The Jeans/Top Outfit is from VIPs Creations - it's a gift @ MC Fashion's Hipster Event.
The Multi Cross Headband here is from Pomposity and is an exclusive release for The Dark Side Fair which runs until 7th June, so plenty of time to check the event out.
 Eyes are Ikon Ascension - Nymph, hair is Gemini from Lamb
The Nail Appliers for the Slink Hands are ZoZ - these are the Foil Tips Spring set and available @ The ZOZ Main Store.
The Rings, Necklace, Armband and Bracelet are all also Pomposity, they are all colour or metal changeable too.
Last but certainly not least - the latest WoW skin released for the Designer Circle - this is Nana in Darktan - and dont forget WoW are now at a new location and if you're looking for Wowmeh Mesh Body appliers - they have those at the store now!
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Thursday, 22 May 2014

'I want my Goodbye Back' ft Slink, LeLutka, RYCA, Arise, CO57, ZOZ

I'm not a happy bunny - my beloved laptop is in for repair, I'm hoping he's gonna pull through and I'll be back to normal in a week or so.. till then I'll try to get on by hook or by crook, but it's not the same... sobs..
Pictures aren't as clear as I'd like, I cant use high graphics without crashing on smaller laptops but here goes anyway..
I was at Fi Friday (yes again .. I can't resist) and spotted (see what I did there? lol) this cute Bomshie skirt and top - I just love the colour yellow, and the high waist skirt is very Audrey Hepburn style sexy dont you think? Hair is LeLutka - Cachet - great hair to show off earrings, today they're RYCA, to match the armband and bracelet. Skin is Eva in tone 4 from Arise and lipstick is Laq. Mesh hands and Feet are Slink and Nail Appliers Zoz Just Dark Metals.
The Siren Leather Leopard Stilettos are a FREE group gift for Slink Group members - for the high feet and you'll find them in the group notices - the glasses I saw on someone's blog and HAD to have them, you know how it is! They are Feline Sunglasses from CO57 and finally the Dollar Gold Necklace is from BabyDoll, also at Fi Friday..
I daren't push my luck and get Toto on to strut his stuff - so I sent him on holiday for a fortnight, but fear not - we'll be back!

Monday, 19 May 2014

'She said..' ft ISoul, Endorphin, Kink, C&C, Cashmere & Keane, Frontline, Something New, Yummy, !BaaaH!, Unorthodox, Mandala, Truth

She started walking over to me, like she already knew me
Sat down right beside me and asked if I was here alone, and I said yeah, yeah..
Then she played me some band on her iPod
Kinda hit me kinda hippie and I thought, naw... but I said yeah, yeah, yeah...
She said you wanna take a walk to the river maybe cool off
She said I know a good spot... And then she took my hand, and I said yeah, yeah..
A little later under that full moon, I didn't want the night to end too soon
I said it's getting late, do you need to go?
And she said no....

Skin/Shape/Eyes/Lashes - !Soul Bobo3
Outfit - Endorphin - Gothic Strapped Outfit @ The World Goth Fair
Shoes - Kink - Mikhala Studded Pumps for Slink Med Feet
Hair - Perla - Truth
Faceted Solitaire Ring - Yummy
Pose in first pic - Something New - 'Oh My Gawd'

Keane  - Skin - Jerome
Shape 'Thiago' - !BaaaH! (non mod version available for 55$L @ FiFriday this week)
Hair Base - Unorthodox
Eyes - Ikon Ardent - Pewter.
Porter Denim Jeans - Cashmere and Keane
B.I.T.D Jacket - C&C
Sneakers - Frontline - Kondors
Tattoo - Guide Me - Hiatus
Necklace - Mandala

'Weather with You' ft Panda Punx, VIPs Creations, Keane, Slink, Ikon, C&C, Mandala, Hiatus, Tameless, Vestige, !BaaaH!, Frontline

Yet another lovely skin today from Panda Punx @ the Boobs, Butts & Beyond event - I showed you Evangeline previously, and this one is Jaya - it includes appliers for just about everything including the Wowmeh mesh body. 50% of the proceeds from both skins go to Breast Cancer Action
Also - new from Tameless is this lovely new Rita hairstyle - available in natural, fades and fantasy, with roots or without. My outfit is Boho Style from VIPs Creations - I love the floral pants - and the shoes and accessories are included.
The Bag above comes with the outfit and there are two versions, one for the hand and a shoulder bag. Toto has been out shopping too, one of his fave stores Cashmere and Keane are having a sale in their Marketplace Store, everything is 50$L - a bit annoying when he forked out 1000L for a skin to then find it reduced to 50$L, but such is life!
Great bargains for those of you that haven't already bought the Jerome Skin at the full price though and he did get a second skin tone and the slink feet appliers for 50$L instead of the 200$L he paid for the hands appliers so not all bad news! His shape 'Thiago' is from !BaaaH! and if you want the non mod version - you can pick that up for 55$L @ FiFriday this week. Hair Base is from Unorthodox, Tumb Tee Shirt (with colour change hud) is from C&C. His eyes are Ikon Ardent in Pewter. Porter Denim Jeans also 50$L on Marketplace from Cashmere and Keane.
Toto's Sunnies are Nash from Kumaki, Kotowari necklace from Mandala, Sneakers are Frontline Kondors, Kufi Leather Hat from DirtyMind. Tattoo is Guide Me from Hiatus and the 'Happy Travel' pose with the suitcases is from Vestige @ Fi Friday.
Here's a closer look at the Panda Punx Jaya skin, these lips are on the skin as it comes, not added tattoos. Eyes are Ikon Ascension Nymph.
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Saturday, 17 May 2014

'Do you Believe' ft Mystic Canvass, Avid, MG, ZOZ, DLZ, Corvus, Endorphin, Ikon, Miss Canning, Slink, Apple Spice

I do believe this is a brilliant Mystic Canvass Group Gift - I do love the skins from this store, the only thing that stopped me wearing them as much was the lack of slink appliers for the ones I had but this new group gift has slink, lola and phatt azz appliers included so I snapped it up!
Bracelets, necklace and earrings and eyelashes are from Maxi Gossamer, the Instinct Cross Knuckle Ring is @ Fi Friday this week. Hair is from Avid, a great place to look for all things Goth. Messy Eyeshadow is Corvus, another great Store for goth inspired make up, skins and clothes. Eyeliner is Queen Bee from Pink Acid. Mouth Piercing is Dahlia from DLZ -  free to members of the SL Frees & Offers Group - D.L.Z/Kink have just moved to a new location, go check it out if you can, loads of great male & female stuff and the group gifts are really nice too.
The sexy Latex Jumpsuit is from Endorphin for the Dark Style Fair - it's designed to be worn with the Slink High Feet and comes with Lolas Appliers, the shoes are Dakota from Miss Canning, I just love these.
Eyes are from Ikon - Sunrise in Black and as usual Mesh Hands and Feet are Slink - the Nail Appliers are ZoZ Black Ice. The poses I found in my inventory I'd forgotten I had! - from Apple Spice.
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Friday, 16 May 2014

'Friday again!' ft Zoul Creations, LeLutka, Fi Friday, Pomposity, Tellaq, Keane, Mandala, Wayne, ZoZ, Slink

It's Friday again, where has the week gone? I always pop over to Fi Fridays to see what goodies I can pick up there for 55$L.. and I wasnt disappointed - I found this sexy dress from Wayne called Muse. Today am wearing Zoul Creation's Robyn skin, one of my favourite skin designers, they are all gorgeous.
And check out the ReVeRie Whore Heels - bit cheeky but made me laugh. I wont tell you what's inside the soles, you'll have to look close or pop over to Fi Friday and look for yourself.
The Knuckles Cross I also found there is from Instinct, looks great with my other Pomposity jewelry. Lips here are Pekka Homicidal and eyeline is Queen Bee from Pink Acid. hair is LeLutka Cachet. Toto is wearing same skin and shape as usual, Jerome from Keane and William from Tellaq, hair and beard from Unorthodox.
Toto's shirt & trainers are also @ Fi Friday and his necklace is Mandala, glasses are a group gift from Rebellion on Marketplace. And his favourite pants are the Bandana ones from Mango Monkey! Oh and if you're interested in female static poses - there's a sale at Aushka for next few days! I'm using some in this post.
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Thursday, 15 May 2014

'When I was' ft D.L.Z. Panda Punx, Pomposity, Catwa, ZoZ, Keane, Discord Designs, Kumaki, C&C, Slink, !BaaaH!

Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now
Our song on the radio, but it don't sound the same..
Should've bought you flowers and held your hand,
should've gave you all my hours when I had the chance..
Take you to every party, cause all you wanted to do was dance..

Now my baby is dancing, but she's dancing with another man..
I hope he buys you flowers, I hope he holds your hand.. gives you all his hours, when he has the chance.. takes you to every party, 'cause I remember how much you loved to dance..
Do all the things I should've done, when I was your man..

Her :
Skin: Panda Punx - Amaya{Chocolate Kiss}Sugar Tone (inc appliers) @ Lubbly Jubblies
Top - CherryPie Corset - D.L.Z/Kink. - New Location!
Pants - S&C - Bullet Baby
Shoes - Dora Heels (8 Colours) -  Miss Canning
Mesh Hands & High Feet - Slink
Nail Appliers - ZoZ - Just Dark Metals
Deadly Necklace, Linked Handcuff Armband, Bracelet & Palm Wrap, 4x4 Fat Track Earrings - Pomposity
Eyes - Ikon Promise - Coffee
Eye Shaper with Lashes Tattoo - Blacklace Beauty
Hair - Catwa - Eva

Jacket - Porter Jacket - D.L.Z (with colour change hud) - New Location!
Pants - C&C - Easy Jeans (Dark)
Glasses - Nash - Kumaki
Crazy Freaked Facial Hair - Unorthodox
Necklace - Mandala
Shoes - Loordes of London - Urban Hipster @ Fi Friday Fashion House
Skin - Keane - Jerome
Shape - Craig - !BaaaH!
Hair - Lotta - Discord Designs
Mesh Hands - Slink

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

'Lean on Me' ft Deesses, Keane, RYCA, Tuty's, Zoz, Slink, Athor, Vengeful Threads, M&M, Rasch Creations, Mirus Designs, Unorthodox, C&C, Damselfly

Loads of goodies to show you today - before you go anywhere else - do yourselves a favour and pop over to MC Fashions - apart from the great shops - there are some stalls out with items on a theme - this month it's the Hipster Event - and I've picked up a couple of things I got free to show you.
Above is a really pretty dress from Mirus Designs - it's called Mona and has a lovely texture on it as well as a beautiful colour.
Then I found this M&M Dress above in really nice pinky lilac colour, and the neckline is very sexy I think. It's called MayPink Mesh Dress. Below is another freebie from Vengeful Threads, it's a top and jeans, though the jeans are modifyable so I shortened the leg so they look like shorts. Toto found this dollarbie Rasch Creations tank at MC Fashions too, so we're both happy!
In the pics above I'm wearing Tuty's Hair - but if you you're looking for some quality free hair, get over to Damselflys stand at the Fashion Art Event - the Carlie hair below is free there - I could kick myself having bought the blonde at full price recently - but this free one has a colour change hud too - there's also a beanie hair style for men.
And thanks again to Sup Poses for the Nail Me Poses - available @ The Cosmopolitan Sales Room - really great for showing off the ZoZ Just Dark Metal Nails and RYCA Bracelet.
Other Credits:
Skin - Jerome - Keane
Shape - William - Tellaq
Jacket - Back in The Day Jacket - C&C
Hair - Monk - Tableau Vivant
Rasch Creations tank at MC Fashions
Shoes - Loordes Of London Urban Hipster @ Fi Friday
Luxe Jeans - GQueue
Mesh Hands - Slink
Tattoo - Guide Me - Hiatus
Primal Watch -  Cartiea - Faun
Glasses - Rebellion Aviator - (Group Gift )
Beard - Unorthodox

Skin - Deesses - Kim
Shape - Angel - Perfect Silhouette
Mesh Hands & Feet - Slink
Shoes for High Slink Feet - Athor - Domina
Jewelry - RYCA
Eyes - Ikon - Promise - Coffee

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

'Li'l Sista' ft DLZ/Kink. Essences. Keane, ZoZ, Slink, Mina, Mango Monkey, Tableau Vivant, PerveTTe, LouLou, Pomposity, MG, Humanoid

Got some Fab Freebies to show you today from DLZ/Kink - I was pointed in the direction of this great Store by the lovely Astrid of SL Frees & Offers - if you wear their group tag you can get a unisex mouth piercing, but also I found the Store Group Gifts there - it's free to join and the female gift is the Naughty Girl Tankie & Sweats - it comes with Boob and Butt Appliers though I've not used those today.
The male Gift is this Bad Boy Mesh Tee - looks great with the Mango Monkey Bandana Pants.You'll have to excuse the fact that Toto's hands are too small for his body - His shape is non - mod unfortunately, but we like the face so he generally covers the join with a bracelet but he forgot today lol.
I have a real hard time finding poses for my photos which show the face, nails and jewelry off, so I was chuffed that one of my fave pose stores Sup Poses has released a set called 'Nail Me' which are available now @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room. Below is just one of the set.
If you visit the Cosmo Sales Room, you gotta check out the Humanoid Angie dance stands they have featured there - they're 100L each - usually 300L at the Main Store and up to 60 seconds long!
Winged Wedge Shoes - Anymore Store
Raven Tattoo - Dethly Productions
Dahlia Unisex Lip Piercing - DLZ/Kink (free to SL Frees & Offers Group Members)
Studded Cross Ring, Padded Wrist and Arm Cuffs - Pomposity
Mesh Hands & Feet - Slink
Nail Appliers - ZoZ
Headband - LouLou&Co - Lumat
Hair - Mina - Nanda @ The Dressing Room
Skin - Opera - Essences
Outfit - Naughty Girl Tankie & Sweats - DLZ/Kink - (Group Gift)
Gloves/Slink Appliers - S.L.A.D
Elbow Gloves - PerveTTe
Necklace & Earrings - Maxi Gossamer
Poses - Sup Poses - Nail Me, Atelier - Photo Shoot
Eyes - Ikon - Promise - Coffee

Skin - Jerome - Keane
Shape - William - Tellaq
Hair - Monk - Tableau Vivant
T-Shirt - Bad Boy Tee -  DLZ/Kink (Group Gift)
Shoes - Loordes Of London Urban Hipster @ Fi Friday
Pants - Bandana Pants - Mango Monkey
Mesh Hands - Slink
Tattoo - Guide Me - Hiatus
Primal Watch -  Cartiea - Faun
Glasses - Rebellion Aviator - (Group Gift )
Beard - Unorthodox

Monday, 12 May 2014

'Cutie Pie' ft Panda Punx, -|D.L.Z|-, Keane, Liv Glam, GQueue, Boon, Pomposity, ZoZ, Tableau Vivant, Ikon, Bomshie

Hi everyone! Today I'm showing you an exclusive Panda Punx skin featured at the Boobs, Butts & Beyond Event which is a sim-wide fashion sales event featuring designers with implant-friendly creations for all shapes and sizes!  The event features exclusive creations with proceeds donated to Breast Cancer Action. This is Evangeline and there's also another skin called Jaya - both have appliers for lolas tango, phat/cute azz, brazilia perfect bum, slink, baby bump, loud mouth and wowmeh!
And today Toto is sporting a new jacket - this is Paulo from a store I've only just discovered - |D.L.Z|- / Kink! but I know I'll be going over myself to check out the ladies fashions there. This jacket has a colour change hud, but I do like this mustard colour, it's different!
If you havent been to the Fi Friday salesroom yet, why not? Everything there is 55$L and the stock changes every Friday - this week I picked up the wedge heels above for Slink medium feet and the Liv Glam 'Stay With Me' Dress which has a texture change hud.
The hair is an old favourite of mine from Boon - HNB582 - I liked it so much I bought all the colours and course then hardly used them apart from the blonde so I thought I'd wear the black for a change.
Pomposity have brought out a shed load of new stuff recently - I really like the Motherly Love necklaces, I know 'Mother's Day has now been and gone but I'll wear this in memory of mine whatever day it is. The flying saucer ring is fun and there are also some sexy anklets.
Thanks for checking my blog - happy shopping!

Skin - Jerome - Keane
Shape - William - Tellaq
Beard - Unorthodox
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Monk
Glasses - Rebellion - Aviator (Free Group Gift)
Jacket - Paulo -|D.L.Z|- / Kink! (with colour change hud)
Pants - Luxe Jeans - GQueue
Boots - KBoots - Ju
Mesh Hands - Slink
Tattoo - Guide Me - Hiatus

Skin - Panda Punx - Evangeline @  Boobs, Butts & Beyond Event
Shape - Angel Shape - Perfect Silhouette
Dress - Stay With Me - Liv Glam @ Fi Friday
Shoes - Bomshie - Mikala Wedges @ Fi Friday
Hair - Boon
Beauty Spot & Eyelashes - Blacklace Beauty
Necklace, Ring & Anklet - Pomposity
Mesh Hands and Medium Feet - Slink
Nail Appliers - Just Dark Metals - ZoZ
Eyebrows - Alena - The Sugar Garden.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

'No You Hang Up..' ft Lindsey Warwick, Lavarock, Little Bones, Mar, Keane, Tableau Vivant, Mandala, GQueue, Kumaki, Slink, ZoZ, Ju, RYCA

Afternoon everyone - well, a bit later than expected, but I'm here wearing the heels I told you about yesterday from Lindsey Warwick - they're for slink medium feet and are free for members of the SL Frees and Offers Group. Cute aren't they? Just go to the store wearing your group tag, click on the box there to receive your free pair!
Toto is wearing a sweater from Lavarock which is also free to SL Frees & Offers Group Members. Just get your man to join the group, wear the tag and go get it!
The dress I found on mp for 50L, perfect match with the shoes and is also available in black or white, love the sexy sheer front part. Toto's jeans were a free item a long while ago from GQueue though I am sure they are still for sale in the store there.
Toto's KBoots are from Ju - a small store on the Exile Hair Sim - what we like about these are the boot legs are seperate so if you're wearing normal jeans that dont tuck in to boots, you can wear the foot parts on their own.
Thanks for checking my blog - Come back soon!

Top - Lavarock Creations - Black Cross Long Sleeve Shirt - Free for SL Frees & Offers Group Members
Luxe Jeans - GQueue Clothing
Boots - KBoots - Ju @ Covet
Kotowari Necklace - Mandala
Hair - Monk - Tableau Vivant
Skin - Jerome - Keane
Shape - William - Tellaq
Nash Glasses - Kumaki
Tattoo - Hiatus - Guide Me
Beard - Unorthodox
Mesh Hands - Slink

Her :
Skin - Lolita - Mar
Shape - Angel Shape - Perfect Silhouette
Hair - Little Bones - Eulogy
Eyes - Ikon - Promise - Coffee
Dress - Robyn - Outrage Outfitters on MP HERE
Shoes - Luscious Leopard Platform Heels - Free for SL Frees &Offers Members @ Lindsey Warwick
Bracelet & Armband - RYCA
Glasses - Kumaki - Rasa
Mesh Hands and Med Feet - Slink
Nail Appliers - ZoZ - Just Dark Metals

Friday, 9 May 2014

'Think Twice' ft !Soul, WoW, Sup Poses, Keane, C&C, Kumaki, Analog Dog, RYCA, Tableau Vivant, Slink, Ikon, Mandala, Unorthodox

Think Twice - before you jump out of the bath and run into the kitchen where you left a tap running! That's my advice after I did it this morning and ended up flat on my back like a beached whale with a bruised elbow and a sore bum!
Fortunately (for me and the Ambulance Service) I am still here to tell the tale - So here is my offering for today - I might have to do another one later as I've just got some sexy 'Luscious Leopard' gift shoes for slink medium feet from Lindsey Warwick to show you, so watch this space!
If you dont know about the SL group 'SL Frees and Offers' yet - well let me point you in the right direction - It's run by a lovely lady called Astrid, once you join you'll get notices and messages from  other members telling you of special offers and freebies out there, it's a really friendly group too, everyone is very helpful, so if you're on a budget or just love a bargain, I can't recommend it highly enough - if you would like the shoes at Lindsey Warwick's - you need to wear the SL Frees & Offers group tag, click on the box at the store and hey presto! If you can't wait, I'm showing you a pic of the shoes further down this page.
And talking of lovely ladies - the owner of SupPoses Sidney Bluestar was one of the first people to trust me to blog her products when I first started this madness last year and I'll always be grateful she gave me a chance. Today I'm using a few couples poses of hers called 'All Theirs' and 'Just You and Me'. I twiddled around with one of them in the pose above, but that's the beauty of mod poses, you can just use the pose for one model even and stand the other avi in a different position - it's all fun!
Carrying on with the lovely ladies theme - my skin here is from WoW - it's out now at the Designer Circle and I have to say it's another beauty - Sawsan Secretspy must never stop working, she's always bringing out something new and all perfectly gorgeous skins. She also makes male skins and you can get appliers for just about any mesh body part going at the main store, where you'll also find the Group Gift, lucky letter boards, MMs, and details of all the events she's taking part in. Nail Appliers are from the lovely ZoZ - these are Just Dark Metals and available @ The ZoZ Main Store.
So Girls.. these are the gift shoes above you can pick up at the Lindsey Warwick store - I can't wait to try them on, so what are you waiting for? Join the 'SL Frees and Offers' make sure you're wearing the tag and get on over there!

Skin - Rea DarkTan - Wow @ Designer Circle
Shape - Angel Shape - Perfect Silhouette
Hair - Inu - Analog Dog
Eyeliner with Lashes and Beauty Spot Tattoos - Blacklace Beauty
Formal Evening Gown - !Soul - Group Gift inc. Lola/Lush Appliers
Eyes - Ikon Promise - Coffee
Necklace and Earrings - Grace - Virtual Impressions
Bracelet and Armband - RYCA
Faceted Ring - Yummy
Mesh Hands - Slink
Nail Appliers - Just Dark Metals - ZoZ

Tableau Vivant  Monk Hair
Beard - Unorthodox
Skin - Keane - Jerome
Shape - William - Tellaq
Glasses - Nash -  Kumaki
Mesh Hands - Slink
Tattoo - Guide Me - Hiatus
C&C - Black Jacket/Shirt with texture change hud
Shoes & Pants - from Cinder Outfit @ FashionNatic
Necklace - Mandala

Thanks for checking my blog, come back soon x