Sunday, 29 September 2013

What's Black, White and Red All Over? ft Pure Sales Room

This reminds of the joke and the answer is - a Newspaper! I was going to use a pose holding one but changed my mind and instead included some lovely poses called Erika by Starry Heaven available at the Pure Sales Room.
This Vivid Crossroads outfit is also available at the next round at the Pure Sales Room - comes with a HUD which allows you to change the design on the top and pants!

This Rius hair was a freebie at Black Maria, comes in loads of colours, I always fall back on this style when I'm in a punky mood! These awesome Black Liquid Kaja earrings are available now @ L'accessoires. Neck Piercing is from Cute Poison
These FLG Me Pumps remind me of Dorothy's Red Shoes, but dont try clicking your heels together with this pair lol - Also available NOW at Pure Sales Room!

This Spider ring I am sure you're all bored of seeing now is available HERE :) The black bangle is Pure Poison and the red zebra one is from Je Suis, that is colour changeable and so are the gems on the spider :)

Here's another design you can change the top to - the bitch necklace is from Cute Poison - the nose chain was part of an AdN outfit called Punkcious.
Thanks to everyone letting me loose with their designs and I hope you like the Blog, come back soon!

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