Thursday, 30 October 2014

'Moonlight Becomes You' ft WOW, ZOZ, Pomposity, Ikon, GDit, Hucci, Phwoar Couture, Tableau Vivant

I've been playing a fair bit of Big Band Music recently at Afterlife, which might seem odd when you look at the place, but it's been very popular with people, so maybe there is a yearning inside us for the good old days, even if we are too young to remember them.

It doesnt seem the thing to play Glenn Miller in jeans and a t-shirt so I've been on the look out for clothes with a vintage look to them - I was really chuffed to find this 'Dolce' jumpsuit from Phwoar Couture at Fresh Style - just what I was looking for! It has a colour change hud but you can't beat this classic black and the beading on the front adds a bit of sparkle and lifts it out of the ordinary.

Nail Polish Applier here is 'Iona Silver' from ZOZ for Slink hands & feet. The eyes are Ikon 'Ascension' in Nymph and the 'Temptress' eye make up is from Sn@tch, where there is a half price or less sale on this weekend.

WOW skins have this beautiful 'Poison' skin featured at the new round of Designer Circle - this is the dark tan. Also available in Bronze and Tan.

The 'Riverton' Heels,  as in my last post,  are Hucci and the 'Hung Gem Feet Chains' again from Pomposity - the full version here as opposed to the half version in my last post.

The 'Apple Clutch Bag' is from Pure Poison and the 'Nordic' Jewelry - earrings, ring and bracelet are from GDit @ The Fresh Style Salesroom. There is also a matching necklace and they are colour changeable. Hair is Upshaw from Tableau Vivant.

'No Promises' ft TnO, Rowena's Designs, ZOZ, Pomposity, Ikon, En Vogue, Pure Poison, Maxi Gossamer, Le Poppycock

Ok ladies - here as promised  (I don't know how I'm managing to post anything at the moment - spending ages look round the shops with halloween stuff and trying to resist it all) is the skin I was waxing lyrical about yesterday - this is 'Sabah' Neutral Earth from TnO which is on sale now at the Fresh Style bi-weekly salesroom. It comes with a choice of cleavage, three lipsticks, loud mouth, lola and phat azz appliers. A shape and slink appliers are available seperately, and if you wear the SL Frees & Offers tag at Fresh Style there is a gift of some tattoo dimples.

Oh - and also with the SL Frees & Offers Group - get yourselves over to EnVogue Hair - there's this lovely free 'Inna' Pony Tail Hair there complete with hair base. Eyes are Ikon 'Promise' in Coffee and the 'Cat' necklace and earrings set is from Pure Poison.

This new outfit from Rowena's Designs is the 'Janice Skirt & Jacket' set which has a colour change hud and comes with a vest to wear underneath, though you could wear another one of your own if you prefer. I say 'new' but Rowena releases gorgeous new outfits almost daily so you really need to pay a visit to the mainstore to check them out - there are always lucky boards, special offers and group gifts there too!

'Spiral Jewelled Skull Bangles' here are from Maxi Gossamer - they do have skulls on the other hand - honest! - they are half price at the store now - both gold and silver are included and you can change the bead colours on the skulls. The nails for Slink hands are from ZOZ - these are the 'Black Cat' mesh nails and are available at the Cosmo Sales Room. These are actually add-on mesh nails, not appliers. Huds from other ZOZ mesh nail sets will work with these too. I am showing these on my splayed slink hand though they are actually supplied to fit exactly the casual/elegant or regular SL hands, but they are really easy to edit to fit any other mesh hands.

The 'Riverton' sandals for Slink High Feet are from Hucci - I have added the Pomposity 'Black Hung Gem feet Chains' - you can change the colour of the stones and wear them on the bare feet - here they look like a fancy strap on the shoe. The normal Nail applier hud for Slink Feet is included with the ZOZ 'Black Cat' mesh fingernails set.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

'Daughter of Darkness' ft VIPs Creations, Maxi Gossamer, RO, Tableau Vivant, ZOZ, TnO.

"Woman, I can remember a woman,
Warm were her kisses and tender was she, lying there in my arms..
Why, why did you deceive me so?
What devil inside made you go, when I needed you most of all?"

Oh I do love a good old Tom Jones singalong, this song is one of my favourites - and the words just popped into my head when I tried this new outfit from VIPs Creations - this is 'The Darkness' It's a gorgeous long dress with attachments - a front part and collar, wings and bats and comes complete with eyes, shoes and make-up.

The ring is from Remarkable Oblivion - always loved this one - not sure if it's in the shop but is on marketplace here. Nail Applier for Slink hands/feet is the Elegant Romance set from ZOZ - available still at the Body Mod Expo for a few more days.

Black Widow Earrings are from Maxi Gossamer and the skin is a lovely new one that was featured at the last round of Fresh Style but is still available at the main store - this is ::TnO:: Sabah neutral Earth. It's difficult to see very clearly due to the make up of course, so I will show this skin better in my next post.

The beauty of this outfit is you can wear the parts seperately- so you could use the bats and wings for any other Halloween Outfit or just wear the dress on it's own as a formal evening dress - and of course the shoes for Slink High Feet can be worn with anything! And yes I admit it - I forgot to wear the wings in the other pics! lol.

Hair is Upshaw from Tableau Vivant - this hair has been a godsend, it really has - I've used it loads of times, it's so pretty - for formal or vintage looks you can't beat it! And just check out the buckled ankle boots that come with this outfit - they're brilliant!

Only a few more days shopping time before the Halloween Parties - so if you still haven't got an outfit - fear not, just click on the VIPs Creations Marketplace Store - as well as The Darkness outfit I've shown, there are lots more fun, freaky and downright crazy outfits to choose from! Have a good one, and come back soon! x

Monday, 27 October 2014

'When I see you' ft WOW, ZOZ, Precious Designs. Ikon, Maxi Gossamer, Bens Beauty, Hudson's, Catwa

Well, I was at a loose end this Monday morning looking for something to blog when I found this rocking Precious Designs 'Burning For You' dress in my inventory - I don't remember getting it or even if I've blogged it already, but I love the red colour - there is a hud with several other colours to choose from but as you know I'm a sucker for red!

A new round at Designer Circle has just started and WOW are featuring this new skin there - this is 'Poison' in the dark tan shade. I added my fave 'Bold Liner' from THD and Bitter Blood Red lips from Panda Punx.

This hair is new from Catwa - called Pamela - has two slightly different styles included. Nail Applier for slink hands/feet is from ZOZ - this set is 'Elegant Romance' and is still available if you're quick at the Body Mod Expo till the end of the month. Eyes are Ikon 'Promise' in Coffee.

The Earrings & Necklace are Maxi Gossamer's 'Window to My Heart' set which is half price now if you hurry and check out the back room - there is a beautiful group gift as well as several lovely items at half price - and be warned - Maxi changes them regularly so if you see something you love, grab it quickly! The enormous heart ring is Bens Beauty and the Onyx 'n Gold ring is from Hudson's.

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

'Before I Think Of You' ft Candace Hudson, Deesses, Del May, Catwa, Ikon, ZOZ

"Seven hours since you went away
Eleven coffees, Rickki Lake on play
But late at night when I'm feeling blue
I'd sell my ass before I think of you.. "

Couldn't wait to blog this new 'Huntress' top & skirt outfit from Candace Hudson - I had just the background in my photo studio that I wanted, so here we are, gorgeous isn't it? - the eye mask, earrings, eyebrow piercing and necklace are included in the outfit too.

Hair is 'Pamela' new from Catwa and the eyes are my old favourite - Ikon Promise in Coffee. I've used poses from Del May here.

Skin is Anne from Deesses. The 'Gold n' Onyx' bracelets, ring and anklet (which is really a bracelet I copied and attached to the ankle instead of the hand) are also from Candace Hudson - I tried to get as close up as I could in the pic so you can see how detailed they are, just stunning! And of course, any jungle outfit I do just wouldn't be complete without my ZOZ 'Animal Print Gold Nail Polish' for Slink hands/feet now would it?

"Seven hours since you closed the door
Started a diet, got a manicure
Erased your number from my telephone
And if you call me I won't be at home"

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

'Tell it to My Heart' ft VIPs Creations, ZOZ, WOW, FIn's Relive the Fifties, Swallow, Del May, Illmatic, Rumina

Still searching for the perfect Halloween outfit? This could be the one - to be honest, when I first saw this 'You Kill My Heart' costume from VIPs Creations , I said 'ewwwwwww' but when I tried it on I thought 'yes! - scarey but sexy!'

The mesh dress comes in five sizes and has a texture/colour change hud included - there's a blood tattoo, eyes, hat and shoes for slink high feet - as well as a human heart to carry around should the mood take you lol.

Hair is Rumina 'Paige' and the skin is a new one from WOW called 'Poison' which will be available from Sunday 26th October at 'Designer Circle' when the new round starts. Bold Eyeliner is from THD and the fang teeth are from Illmatic. Black CherrySkull Earrings are from Fin's Relive the Fifties.

Poses I used here are from Del May and I took the pics at Afterlife.

The Silver Skully Ring is from Swallow and the Nail Applier for Slink hands/feet is the gorgeous 'Fall Leaves Natural Polish' from ZOZ - new out at the Sneak Peek Event which runs from 25th Oct - 5th November.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

'Witchy Woman' ft VIPs Creations, Deesses, Sup Poses

"Raven hair & ruby lips
Sparks fly from her fingertips
Echoed voices in the night
She's a restless spirit on an endless flight"

Here's a spooky little number from Bee Tizzy at VIPs Creations - this is 'Spider Witch' and includes everything you'll need to cast a spell at your Halloween Parties! Dress, make up, hair, shoes for slink feet, stockings with slink applier, hat, eyes and spiders!

The Poses here are from Sup Poses 'Catwalk' set at the latest Fresh Style bi-weekly salesroom. Skin here is Anne, a previous Group Gift from Deesses Skins.

I took the photos at Afterlife. Hope you're all set for Halloween and dont forget to check out VIPs Creations on Marketplace too for tons of other brilliant outfits!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

'They're Creepy And They're Cookie' ft VIPs Creations, ZOZ, WOW, Slink, Boudoir

Everyone seems to be gearing up for Halloween Night now - which is great for me - my place Afterlife is based around the Tarantino movie 'Dusk till Dawn' and it's set in a graveyard so anything with skeletons I just have to buy!

VIPs Creations have loads of fun outfits for dressing up, whether it's for a party, a contest or just for the heck of it! This 'Charming Halloween' outfit today is one of many, and it includes the hat, shoes for slink high feet, makee-up, eyes plus a slink applier for the gloves.

My friend the Peek-a-Boo Skeleton (oil lamp wall version) is from Boudoir - a lot of the things we used at Afterlife are from Pendemonium, if you like dark grungy builds you should check it out.

The single ZOZ Nail Applier for Slink hands/feet is called 'Trick or Treat' and is on sale now at the Mainstore.

Skin (underneath the make up) is Marita from WOW - now available at Designer Circle  - this is the Dark Tan tone. Oh and before I forget - today is the last day of the WOW Sale where there are 10 fabulous skins marked down at the store for just 25$L each - you just need to find them!

Thanks again for checking my blog, and please come back soon!

'Tossed Her Hair and Tantalized' ft WOW, Kosch, ZOZ, Ikon, Truth, League, Slink

"Imagine a still summer's day
When nothing is moving, least of all me
I lay on my back in the hay
The warm sun was soothing
It made me feel good, the day I met Marie.."

"The sound of her whisper hello
Came tiptoeing softly into my head
I opened my eyes kinda slow
And there she was smiling
It made me feel good, the day I met Marie.."

"Marie, with the laughing eyes
She'd toss her hair and tantalize
She came to touch me then she's gone
Just like a summer breeze.."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Skin & Shape - WOW - Alena @ Body Modification Expo
Make Up - Kosh Metallic Eyeshadow, League Cappucino Lipstick, Blacklace Beauty Beauty Mark
Lingerie - Ashmoot Valentine @ Fresh Style
Nail Appliers for Slink Hands - ZOZ - Carved Pumpkin Single Nail Polish
Jewelry - Kosh Demonica Necklace, Ring, Bracelet
Eyes - Ikon Destiny in Maya
Mesh Hands - Slink
Hair - Truth - @ Mystic Realms Faire (also includes horns, not shown)

'A Spell She Cast' ft Rowena's Designs, WOW, ZOZ, Pomposity, Maxi Gossamer, Trinite, Analog Dog, Ikon, Slink, Pure Poison, League, Blacklace Beauty, THD, Whatever

Here is another sexy little number from Rowena's Designs. I have to mention that this Felicity Outfit does come with a top to wear under the jacket and along with the pants, they're all colour changeable - but I think it looks hot like this too.

Although I blog all of WOW's gorgeous skins, I usually wear them with my own shape, but today I tried the Alena Shape which along with the skin (the darker eyebrows are a tattoo layer which is included) is on sale now at the Bod Mod Expo and yes I said wow again lol, she has such a pretty face and is rocking those curves - I might have to use this shape all the time from now on! I added THD Bold Liner and the lipstick is Isla 'Cappucino' from League. Beauty Mark is from Blacklace Beauty, teeth from Whatever and eyes are Ikon Promise in Coffee.

Hair is Analog Dog 'Style 42' and the 'Raven Skull' necklace/earrings are from Maxi Gossamer - half price at the moment for their Halloween Offers - check out the back room for more bargains! 'Pety' Bracelets are from Pure Poison.

This ring is one of my faves, so you've probably seen it before several times - but if not - it's the multi-cross ring from Pomposity.  How could anyone resist this ZOZ nail polish for Slink hands/feet? I's got a lovely little Black Cat design - I have a cat jewelry set from Pure Poison that would look good with this theme, so check that out too if you're into cats!

The Trinite 'Queen Peep Toe' heels for Slink high feet are from the latest round at the Fresh Style Sales Room - this is the nude colour - I think I showed you the purple ones yesterday.

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Friday, 17 October 2014

'Tale As Old As Time' ft Zoul Creations, Rowena's Designs, ZOZ, Tableau Vivant, Ikon, THD, Slink, RYCA, Trinite

You're gonna love this dress I'm showing you today from Rowena's Designs, very swanky with a colour change hud as usual and this one also comes with two different capes and a hat (not shown) - I'm still in a purple haze today though I changed the colour of the jewelry to black stones for a different look.

Soo.. starting with the skin, this is Zoul Creations Lindsey again, I know I've blogged this to death recently - but really ladies - it's on Promo at the moment in this tone on marketplace, and that includes the cleavage options, make ups and appliers. Beautiful. Bold Eyeliner is THD and eyes are Ikon Promise in Coffee.

The 'Regina Gown' is from Rowena's Designs as I mentioned - it comes in two seperate parts, both colour changeable. The 'Aisling' necklace and 'Aeterna Susurri' earrings are also from Rowena. Hair is 'Upshaw' from Tableau Vivant.

Nail Applier for Slink hands/feet is ZOZ Elegant Romance @ The Body Modification Expo and the 'Victoria' platinum ring is RYCA.

These Trinite 'Queen Peep Toe' heels for Slink high feet are just the perfect match for the gown - these are on sale now at the latest Fresh Style bi-weekly salesroom and available in loads more colours too!

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

'Purple Haze' ft Zoul Creations, Rowena's Designs, ZOZ, WTB, Ikon, Little Bones, THD, Obscure, Slink, Slouch.

I'm in a purple mood today  - I started off with this glorious nail applier for Slink Hands/Feet from ZOZ - this is the 'Elegant Romance' set out now at The Bod Mod Expo. Then the lovely Rowena Springflower sent me these new 'Aeterna Susurri' earrings out now at Rowena's Designs - they have a texture change hud for all the parts, so will co-ordinate with almost any outfit. The black cross necklace is by Obscure @ the Fi Friday salesroom.

Skin I've used today is 'Lindsey' from Zoul Creations. It's on offer in tone 4 on MP right now for only 120$L. Included are: 3 breast option on skin, 4 eyeshadows, 4 lipsticks, 2 subtle blushes, and appliers for Slink hands, feet and physique, Lolas Tango and the WowMeh mesh body. The Bold Eyeliner is THD and eyes are Ikon Promise in coffee.

The outfit is from WTB at the latest round of the Fresh Style bi-weekly salesroom - Athens Skirt, Renee Top and Cussard Pink Boots - they are available seperately and there's also a matching bag plus other colours/textures available at the event.

The 'Feline' hair is a group gift right now at Little Bones - it includes ALL the colour huds and is a great style for blogging, doesnt get in the way of the clothes or jewelry! Hairbase is from Emo-tions. Poses I used today are from Slouch (first two) and Tuty's.

Thanks for checking my blog - come back soon!