Monday, 28 March 2016

'China Girl' ft Amara Beauty, Exile, Just Because, Empire, Addams, oOo Studio Poses

So, I was perving Flickr as I often do, and saw some fantastic pics by Arcangel Vendetta so I went to the location - Kowloon - to check it out - I had been there ages ago, but I'd forgotten how amazing this place is to take photos. I'm still playing around on PS with this lens flare thing, I am not even sure if it makes the pics look any more interesting, but I'll try anything once!

Head - LeLutka - Stella
Body - Maitreya - Lara
Hair - Exile - Looking Back
Skin Appliers - Amara Beauty - Kallie
Dress - Just Because - Ashley
Revival Military Jacket - Addams
Boots - Empire - Freesia
Pose -  Quirky 4 - oOo Studio 

'Hundred Miles or More' ft Amara Beauty, Exile, Maitreya, LeLutka, EMOZIONE

Not much to blog in this picture lol.. but I found this lovely pose on marketplace and was messing around with the light flare effect on photoshop and this is the result.. and if the song below doesn't give you goosebumps, you must be dead already!

Hair - Exile - Looking Back
Head - LeLutka - Stella
Body - Maitreya - Lara
Skin Applier - Kallie - Amara Beauty
Pose - Emozione - Incredible Thoughts - on MP Here
Destination - Kilu

'Nine to Five' ft Lara Hurley, 7DS, No Match, Tableau Vivant, RealEvil, Erratic, Double Take, ArisAris, Deadwool, TMP, Maitreya, LeLutka, Hypnose.

"Hello darling.. yes I'll be home soon, just a little extra work for the boss before I leave the office.. "

Suit - Deadwool - The Dandy Suit
Hair - No Match - No Rest
Head - TMP - Anime
Skin Applier - 7 Deadly S(k)ins - Judas

Head - LeLutka Stella
Skin Applier - Lara Hurley Lilou
Hair - Upshaw - Tableau Vivant
Glasses - Aris Aris
Shirt - Hypnose - Jessyca (with colour hud)
Garter Skirt, Bra, Stockings - Erratic
Fina Necklace & Earrings - RealEvil

Pose - Double Take - Have a Seat

Sunday, 27 March 2016

'Bet You Say That To All The Boys' ft Lara Hurley, Damselfly, Ikon, Deesses, RealEvil, Addams, Empire, Double Take, Gorgeous Dolls, Maitreya, LeLutka

On a hot summer night
Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?

Will he offer me his hunger?

And will he starve without me?


Mesh Head - LeLutka - Stella
Mesh Body - Maitreya - Lara
Hair - Damselfly - Annalee @ The Fantasy Collective
Eyes - Ikon Promise - Coffee
Skin Applier - Lara Hurley - Lilou
Make Up Appliers - Deesses
Top - Addams - Tatiana @ Collabor88
Skirt - Addams - High Rise Denim Skirt
Nails - Gorgeous Dolls
Bracelets - RealEvil
Boots - Empire - Freesia @ Whore Couture
Poses - Double Take - Sea Foam & Black Sand

Saturday, 26 March 2016

'Heart and Soul' ft DeLa, Amara Beauty, Plastik, Deesses, Ison, Ikon, LeLutka, Maitreya, Double Take Poses

Head - LeLutka Stella
Body - Maitreya Lara
Skin - Amara Beauty - Kallie
Hair - DeLa - Milano @ Uber
Make Up  Appliers - Deesses
Dress  - Cage Dress - Ison @ Uber
Necklace - Plastik -Forevyr Jewelry - Noir
Pose - Double Take - One Fish Two Fish

Sunday, 20 March 2016

'Summertime' ft Argrace, LeLutka. Amara Beauty, Zaara, Deesses, Ikon, Amitie, Maitreya

This post was inspired by my friend KidJoe who sent me the link to his picture and it's awesome! I can't get anywhere near that clever with photos, but I thought I'd take a pic in the same spot, it's a lovely little house at Kilu - but very cramped! I got the pose at Amitie, called Anais 09

I must have tried every different windlight there is and I found a few I liked, even a dark one I'll add below, but you can see the outfit better in the one above.

Head - LeLutka - Stella
Body - Maitreya Lara
Hair - Argrace Kokoro
Eyes - Ikon Sovereign - Nymph
Skin Applier - Kallie - Amara Beauty @ The Skin Fair
Make Up - Deesses
Jumpsuit - Zaara @ Collabor88

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'Old Fashioned Girl' ft Erratic, Argrace, Amara Beauty, Deeses, RealEvil, Insanya, The Whore Mansion

Thanks to my bestest friends I treated myself to some new lingerie from Erratic - they specialise in outfits for Maitreya, which was a pain in the butt when I was using the Slink body, but now I'm back to Maitreya I've forgiven them and I splurged out! I'm using the LeLutka Stella head here with the Kallie applier from Amara Beauty which is on sale now at the skin fair. I think this is the longest I have worn one skin for so long without changing, I really love the look of this applier. The lipstick is from Deesses.

I already had this Luxurious Fur Coat from The Whore Mansion and luckily there was no sign of moth damage when I dug it out from the back of my wardrobe! Hair is from Argrace - Kokoro. Necklace and Earrings are the RealEvil Lux Fina Set.

The Alexis Corset and the Giselle Bra and Briefs are Erratic- the stockings were a free applier from Insanya @ Whore Couture.

 Thanks so much for checking out my blog and come back soon!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

'Turn Me On' ft Amara Beauty, Blueberry, Miss Chelsea, Zenith, Gorgeous Dolls, DeLa, United Colours, Ikon, Pomposity, Aerial Poses, KoKoLoReS Poses

Like a flower, waiting to bloom
Like a lightbulb, in a dark room
I'm just sittin' here waiting for you
To come on home and turn me on..

Like the desert waiting for the rain
Like a school kid waiting for the spring
I'm just sitting here waiting for you
To come on home and turn me on..

My poor heart, its been so dark
Since you've been gone
After all you're the one who turns me off
But you're the only one who can turn me back on..

Skin Appliers (LeLutka Head) - Kallie - Amara Beauty @ The Skin Fair
Hair - Willa - DeLa
Eyes - Ikon Sovereign - Nymph
Make Up Appliers - Deesses
Cuff Earrings - Pomposity
Claw Nails - Gorgeous Dolls
Bra & Harness - Miss Chelsea
Gloves - Zenith @ Kustom9
Leather Skirt - Blueberry
Boots - United Colours
Poses -  Aerial Poses - AE - High F 13 & AE Get down 3
and [KoKoLoReS] poses - Body Language 002 - all @ The Pose Fair

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Friday, 18 March 2016

'All Kinds of Everything' Ft Amara Beauty, Ikon, Minimal, Ison, Argrace, ChicChica, Deesses, Lelutka

Snowdrops and daffodils
butterflies and bees
sailboats and fishermen
things of the sea

wedding bells
early morning dew..

all kinds of everything remind me of you ..

Mesh Head - Stella @ LeLutka
Body - Maitreya Lara
Hair - Argrace - Kokoro
Skin - Appliers - Kallie - Amara Beauty @ The Skin Fair
Lips and Eyeshadow Appliers - Deesses
Eyes - Ikon Sovereign - Nymph
Dress - Ison Dahlia @ Collabor88
Shoes - ChicChica - Duda Night @ On9
Necklace - ABC - Minimal
Bangles - Gold 'n Onyx - Hudson's 
Pics taken at The Trace Too

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

'Don't' ft Erratic, Exxess, ChicChica, Haysuriza, Georgeous Dolls, Amara Beauty, Aerial Poses, Emery

I went down to the Pose Fair today - didn't have a lost of money to spare but I picked up a few freebies and this male pose from Aerial Poses which I think cost 20 Lindens, bargain lol

Body - Maitreya Lara
Head LeLutka Stella
Hair - Chocolat - Exxess
Skin - Amara Beauty - Kallie @ The Skin Fair
Jacket - Mesh Denim Jacket - Hollywood - Emery
Skirt & Lingerie - Christina - Erratic
Shoes - Dita Noir - ChicChica
Nails - Sweet Jezebel - Gorgeous Dolls
Sunglasses - Haysuriza - Sahara @ On9
Pose - AE M Stand 2 - Aerial Poses @ The Pose Fair
Pic taken @ Flashback


Sunday, 13 March 2016

'Forever Autumn' ft Rowena's Designs, Elikatira, Essenz, Gorgeous Dolls, Deesses, Kibitz, Duet, LeLutka, HighRize, Haysuriza

OK ladies, listen very carefully.. I shall say this only once.. there is a hair sale on now at Elikatira - ALL - yes that's correct - ALL hair is on sale at 75L each .. woot woot! This style is called Nataline. And while you're on a bargain hunt - there is a FREE - yes, FREE minipack of slink/maitreya court shoes at Essenz. Course while I was there at the store, I HAD to buy these black 'Vancouver' boots for slink high feet, but that's another story!

Coming up on 16th March is another Cart Sale @ The Wash - Rowena Springflower will have this lovely 'Starla Shift Dress' there and also some matching Starla Boots (not pictured) - Thought this dress looks really cosy for a cold day over some jeans - these are Omega applier jeans called Penelope from HighRize.  The Boho Time Necklase is from Pure Poison. Wearing the gorgeous new skin applier for the LeLutka Head by Amara Beauty and out now at the skin fair - she's called Kallie and is really rather pretty. Sunglasses are Dubayy from Haysuriza

I've found a lovely shop that has nails for slink or maitreya hands - It's called 'Gorgeous Dolls' and this set is 'Sweet Jezebel' Using the hud you can change each nail seperately - have them all the same or every one different - the choice is yours! There's also a FREE set of nails there called Macabre, I've never had those off since I got them, until I got these new ones today of course! The rings are from Kibitz (formerly Pekka) and called Olzen in Onyx, I also have them in gold. Lipstick is from Deesses - this one is from the 'Cookie' set for LeLutka head - just love the lipsticks and eyeshadows from this store! The cute owl earrings were from Luas

Poses are from oOo Studio and I took the pics at 'Duet' Sim - a fab place to take pics and you can rez poseballs if you join the group too.

Thanks for checking my humble blog - please come back soon!

Saturday, 12 March 2016

'Never Knew a Girl' ft Amara Beauty, Ikon, Crown, Deesses, RealEvil, Purple Poses, United Colors, Essenz, Kibitz, Catwa, LeLutka

Well, there were were, fingers on the TP button, half an hour before the long awaiting opening time of the 2016 skin fair - having detached all huds and any other unnecessary attachments, wearing the correct group tag for access - and bingo, on the dot of 9pm we were in there with the first to arrive at the fair!

A few hours later we hobbled back home to try on our demos and decide which we worthy of braving the TP hell again for, and I have to say that Amara Beauty came out tops for me! This is Kimmie, the applier for LeLutka heads - this is on the Stella head and it just blew me away how gorgeous this is. I'm also wearing Deesses eyeshadow and lips but this skin doesn't need make up to look amazing. Eyes are Ikon Promise in Coffee colour.

My accomplice on the shopping trip was my friend Pandora - she has a Catwa Annie head and is wearing a Lara Hurley Applier she got at the main store. Her hair is from Truth, mine is Kayla from Crown. My sexy boots are from Essenz - Pennsylvania.

We stopped over at the Liaison Collaborative Event and I was really excited to find this lovely 'Moly  Leather Dress' from United Colors - and it was FREE! It comes in loads of colours for mesh bodies, which are available to buy, but this particular sky blue colour is a free gift. My 'FullMoon' bracelet and armband set is from RealEvil @ Shiny Shabby
Pandora's shorts are also from the Liaison Collaborative event by Razor - they have a hud to change the colour of the edging trim. My rings are from Kibitz - these are the Olzen set for maitreya hands.