Monday, 24 November 2014

'Miss You Nights' ft Rowena's Designs, WOW, ZOZ, Baubles by Phe, Blacklace, Banned, Hucci, Ikon, Amacci

I've not blogged anything for a few weeks now - I left all my blogging groups as I didn't think I would have time for blogging once I started my new RL job. I do miss it, though I am loving my new job! I have the day off today though, so I thought I'd just do a teeny one lol. Starting with the hair - this is Tina, new out at Amacci.

WOW Skins are still one of my favourites and this new one is out now at the latest round of Designer Circle - it's so pretty isnt it? This is Jayma in the Bronze Tone and I'm wearing it on the latest mesh body - Dea from Banned - I used the Omega Applier from WOW main store and it works perfectly. The black lace dress was from the Banned Store, I bought it to test the Appliers and I have to say it's gorgeous. The Necklace and Earrings are from Baubles by Phe, also at Designer Circle. If you look closely, you can barely see the join where the body meets the neck at all, I was well impressed.

I thought I would try using the new Banned body with a mesh outfit, as there is a hud that allows you to make different body sections invisible - so below I'm wearing the lovely 'Katalin' Mesh Sweater Dress and Slouch Boots from Rowena's Designs - both have texture change huds included. The socks are an Omega applier layer from Raynzone.

The three shades of nail polish I've used here on the Slink hands are all from the ZOZ Glitter Kiss set available at the main store. Just to mention also, you dont need Slink feet to wear these slouch boots from  Rowena's Designs - I know not everyone has them yet.

Eyes are Ikon Promise in Coffee and the Bold Eyeliner is THD - Lashes are Elemental from Redgrave.

Last but not least I used the Omega Appliers in this Blacklace Rust Lace and Black Velvet Lingerie set. Bracelets are from Chandelle, which unfortunately is closed at the moment inworld.

So there we are, I've had my fix of blogging and I hope you like the new stuff I've blogged - remember if you like the look of the new Dea body from Banned, try a demo first and don't forget the Omega Applier Installer from the Banned Store, you just add that to your outfit when wearing the body to register it, then after that, your skin and clothing Omega Appliers should work!

Thanks so much for checking my blog and thanks to everyone being so understanding about my RL commitments, especially Rowena Springflower, you're all amazing!

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