Monday, 30 September 2013

Don't SupPose there's anything on TV Tonight?

I couldn't resist playing with this TV with poses from SupPoses - it's creepy but fun! It's available now from Cosmo Sales Room - and there's also a Scarie Movie Sofa - you have to get it for a laugh with your friends lol.. though I dont think this one is very friendly, maybe she didn't want to watch a Scarie Movie?
 This brilliant TV also has couples Poses but Alma didnt want to play! She comes from Pixlights Factory - she does have her own TV too!
My dress on here is called Lascive by Sakide The awesome Latex Fetish Spiked Boots are from WAD Designs also available on MP HERE. Hair is Arbor by Damselfly.
 Go check out the SupPoses Store if you get chance, they have a fun Halloween Tree with poses as well as other model poses and great photo props :) Thanks for checking my blog, come back soon!

Naughty Sadie ft WAD designs DON'T LOOK ETHEL!!!!!

If you're into a little RP on SL you have to check out this Naughty Sadie Mesh Harness & Boots outfit from Winks Adored! (WAD) - Not all her clothes are this revealing but they're all stunning so you're quite safe to take your Granny shopping there too! And I'm sorry, but I did keep my knickers on!

 It comes with some talons for nails and this face tattoo, this harness is the best I've ever seen, the fit is perfect, no twiddling with my shape to make it right! The Agony Stomach Tattoo is from Repulse
WAD are also on MP - click HERE to see them - If you do get to the Store, make sure you look for the Hunt Gift Winks has hidden there - and don't ask me, I have no idea where she's hidden it but I'm gonna be looking too!
 It looks just as sexy from the back - I took these photos at Club Afterlife - the swinging light bulb and wall writing add to the creepiness of the place - you can find them HERE
The Nipple thingies are part of a set called Kinbaku Shibari Rope Outfit available on MP - Click HERE to find it..

The Hair is Arbor from Damselfly, the Spike Earrings from HERE and the Tickle Bracelets from N-Creation

One last look at these Epic Boots - How did I ever live without them? Dont forget to look for the hunt item at the WAD store - Happy Hunting!

Posh Bird ft Pure Sales Room

Just to show I can be posh as well as punk, I threw on this old Paper Doll Stretch Midi Ruby Dress I've had gathering dust at the back of my inventory and with the help of some lovely Aushka & Co Asuka poses now available @ The Pure Sales Room, I braved the foggy weather and went out on the town!

I found these Baubles! by Phe gorgeous hoop earrings at the Pure Sales Room too, the Giselle necklace is Maxi Gossamer

These Grace Silver Snake Sandals are from Gos Boutique, I convinced myself it was all in a good cause to buy these, as the profits from this colour go to the SPCA Charity!

This pretty Diamonds Apple clutch bag is from Pure Poison and the Black Opal ring Maxi Gossamer.
Ant Hair is from Boon, Skin - Anais from Glance.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

What a Poser! with Pure Sales Room

Was just about to go to bed when I saw these gorgeous Giuliadesign outfits from the next round of the Pure Sales Room, so I just had to sneak a couple in before bedtime! I used the Starry Heaven Erika Poses also at the Pure Sales Room :)
Hair is Rain from Iconic, Necklace & Earrings Mandala, Bracelet Izzie's, Ring Maxi Gossamer

Skin is Anais from Glance, Eyes Insufferable Dastard and Eyelashes Redgrave
These three outfits (Linka, Alanis and Tori) are all knockouts arent they? I can't decide which I like best and there are even more at the Pure Sales Room, make sure you call in and get yours!

What's Black, White and Red All Over? ft Pure Sales Room

This reminds of the joke and the answer is - a Newspaper! I was going to use a pose holding one but changed my mind and instead included some lovely poses called Erika by Starry Heaven available at the Pure Sales Room.
This Vivid Crossroads outfit is also available at the next round at the Pure Sales Room - comes with a HUD which allows you to change the design on the top and pants!

This Rius hair was a freebie at Black Maria, comes in loads of colours, I always fall back on this style when I'm in a punky mood! These awesome Black Liquid Kaja earrings are available now @ L'accessoires. Neck Piercing is from Cute Poison
These FLG Me Pumps remind me of Dorothy's Red Shoes, but dont try clicking your heels together with this pair lol - Also available NOW at Pure Sales Room!

This Spider ring I am sure you're all bored of seeing now is available HERE :) The black bangle is Pure Poison and the red zebra one is from Je Suis, that is colour changeable and so are the gems on the spider :)

Here's another design you can change the top to - the bitch necklace is from Cute Poison - the nose chain was part of an AdN outfit called Punkcious.
Thanks to everyone letting me loose with their designs and I hope you like the Blog, come back soon!

Apple for the Teacher ft D&G Fashions, Emo-tions, Pure Poison.

I'm really pleased I've been asked to blog for D&G Fashions and this is my first outfit - Foxxy Teacher (with Tango & Phat Azz Appliers) I nearly got accosted at the School I found to take these photos - so wear it at your peril girls! This outfit is the hunt prize at the Store for the The Hot for Teacher Hunt - September 15- Oct15
 This outfit does comes with Tango and Phat Azz Appliers though it looks just as sizzling without!

Apple, Glasses and Tie come with the outfit, the Trianghula Earrings were from Pure Poison.

If only my English Teacher who I had a crush on all those years ago could see me now lol! Stocking Tattoo was free on MP, have a cute little bow at the top you can't quite see but you can get them by clicking HERE!
As if that's not enough, these sexy pumps are also included with the outfit No, dont ask why I'm on the floor, perhaps I dropped my apple!
You wouldn't believe what a student had drawn on this board, made me blush! Hair here is Carmen from Emo-tions, skin is ::mar::CS. Lolita Skin - free if you join the group! Lippy is Zoul Creations.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lady in Red ft Room69, Bomshie, J&A, LeLutka, Pure Poison, Lara Hurley, Slink

Lady in Red - I wanted to do a better background than this to do justice to this beautiful dress from J&A @ Room69, but I spent so long trying different viewers to see if the photo quality came out any better that I gave up, so am posting this and then heading for bed!
Still the plain background does show off the sexy guitar dress, great cleavage if I do say so myself lol

There she goes - swinging her handbag - this one's another from Pure Poison as is the Devil collar, theu should give me a discount with all the stuff I buy there!

Hair is Bouffant from LeLutka, the Evora Spiral Face Tattoo was on Marketplace, I just thought it was cute and you can see it HERE. The Slink Nail Polish Applier is from a pack of beautiful basic colours by Bomshie, available now also at Room69! The metal petal ring was from Epoque.
Shoes are Lulu add ons for Slink Feet, Skin Lina from Lara Hurley and lippy from a pack at Zoul Creations, arm band from LouLou. Thanks for checking my Blog, and Hope you come back soon x

Watch out for Spiders! With Room69, Tameless, Designer Circle, Kosh, Slink, Feebs Rascal St

Just had to show you these cute Keresma bow mini dresses now available at Room69, there's a hud that gives the option of several yummy colours, so basically 6 outfits in one!

This Noreen hair from Tameless is the perfect match, has a streak you can change the colour of to match your outfit - The headband I picked up from a stall today at Feebs Rascal Street, was 5L and is mod so you can change the band colour to whatever you want!

The skull wrist band was also at Feebs, go check it out, full of stalls, be warned, you could be there hours though, so take a picnic!

This Demonica Necklace and Ring were from Kosh, it also has colour change on the metal and the gemstone - also from Kosh was the Starlight Eyeshadow - loads of perfect colours to match any outfit there too!
The Faun Snake Charmer Bracelet and Rings are amazing too and available now at the latest round of the Designer Circle

Shoes are Lulu from Slink to fit on the Slink Mesh Feet - gotta love Slink Feet, no more frustrating colour matching, yay!
Hope you're all having a great weekend so far, bye for now x

Friday, 27 September 2013

In these Shoes??? ft Room69, Pure Sales Room, SYL, WOW, Epoque, Beloved, LaViere, Adam n Eve, Silicone Event.

I once met a man with a sense of adventure .. He was dressed to thrill wherever he went
He said "Let's make love on a mountain top, Under the stars on a big hard rock"
I said "In these shoes? I don't think so" I said "Honey, let's do it here."
I had to show off these awesome new SYL Climbstra Ultra Platform Sandals I saw for Slink Feet - They are awesome with a capital 'A' - Kirsty MacCall would have been proud! Amanda Hair was a 50L Friday bargain from LaViere.

So I'm sitting at a bar in Guadalajara.. In walks a guy with a faraway look in his eyes
He said "I've got as powerful horse outside, Climb on the back, I'll take you for a ride
I know a little place, we can get there for the break of day."
I said "In these shoes? No way, Jose" I said "Honey, let's stay right here."
The beautiful Beloved Aria Necklace & Earring Set is from the latest Room69 - it's sooo pretty and has texture change for the metal as well as the gems, how useful is that? Brilliant! Stockings with Slink Appliers are from A&E (That's Adam & Eve, not Accident & Emergency when I fall off these heels!) Panties & Garter from a Blacklace Set Adele. Skin is a really pretty new one called Debbie by WOW - available now at the Silicone Bi-Weekly Event
 Then I met an Englishman "Oh" he said
"What are you afraid of"
"Won't you walk up and down my spine, It makes me feel strangely alive."
I said "In these shoes? I doubt you'd survive."
I said "Honey, let's do it. Let's stay right here."
 Sugar Dagdea Corset is from Pure Sales Room - Metal Petal Ring is Epoque.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Here Comes the Bride.. ft Room69, Boudoir, Mystic Canvas & Swanky

I found this georgeous Swanky Elegance White Gown on Marketplace - can you believe it was 1 Linden!!!! You can find it HERE so I couldnt wait for a proposal - I wanna wear it NOW!!!!
 As you may know by now I've got a bit of a goth thing going on, depending on the mood I'm in, so I wore this almost white Yamille skin from Mystic Canvas - has red lips too but I used the black version (Note to creator - PLEASE GIVE US APPLIERS! lol)
These pretty white Eclipse cuffs and arm bands are available exclusively now at Room69! So pretty and you can leash the wrists cuffs together if you wish :)
The Tres Jolie Baroque Hair from Boudoir just fits right doesnt it? If you're planning on dressing up this Halloween check the Store out, they have some awesome gear there!

Rough 'n Ready - with S 4 P H O R 4 Nila Outfit @ Room69

I set off this morning basically after a link to some Ice Cream Cone Jewellery that I never actually found lol.. but I ended up with this Ayla hair From the Mr & Miss C Style Shop instead, then one thing led to another, I was fortunate enough to receive this lovely S4phor4 Nila Outfit available at the next round of Room69 so I paired them together and here we are!
The cross bangle and the chest & face piercings are from Cute Poison .... Ring is Maxi Gossamer

These awesome Many Cross Earrings are Bens Beauty they have a texture change option too :)

Knee Guards are Dirtyland from and the 'Tickles' wrist strap was from N-Creation

 Hope you like today's post - I'm off back to look for the Ice Cream Earrings, see you soon x