Thursday, 31 October 2013

Not a Pumpkin in Sight! ft Katnipz Wonderland, SYS Project & Room69

Today we're rebelling against orange lol! I found this Funky NewtiQue pink dress over at Katnipz Wonderland and these sexy Souled Out Biker Boots as part of the MHM - which means everything with the Mad Hatter Sign on it is only 40L!
Also starting today 1st Nov is the next round of the SYS Project where some great skin designers sell their skins for you to try at really low prices! This one is Mary from WOW Skins, choice of two tones, Milk or Tan, this is the tan version, also includes a shape, two cleavage options and freckles and all for 99L! The Pink Acid Queen Bee Eyeliner I added myself for drama! Eyes Nymph at Ikon.
The Lipstick I found almost exactly matches the dress, more luck than management I admit :) This one is Homicidal from Pekka. Glamour Silk Slink Fingernail Appliers from A.S.S  The Darcy Butterfly Necklace and Earrings are from Virtual Impressions - Bitch Clutch Bag and the Spike Bracelet Pure Poison The Pink/Silver Bangles Maxi Gossamer.
Hair is Courtney from Ploom - Some really beautiful hair there, if you haven't been, check it out, they have skins, shapes and static poses there too, I've spent hours in that Store! In case you ever wondered, I dont get everything given free to use in my blogs, some are kind enough to send me things and I do belong to a few bloggers groups which give members items designers would like featured, but blogging is an expensive hobby, buying accessories etc to match outfits, not to mention hair, poses and the time it all takes! I do it because I enjoy it, I hope others enjoy reading, and if I dont have to pay for some of the items I feature that's a bonus :)
All the poses in this post are Blyth from Eternal Dreams, available now at Room69. And speaking of Room69, I popped over there to check out the latest round of designer fashions there and found this awesome Zentro Koi3 Tattoo (below)!
I'm also wearing here from Room69 the really pretty shape Zizel by 'Stunning Shapes'  with a beautiful face and legs that go on forever! She has a Style Card included but here I've used Al Vulo's Portia - Lipstick and eyeliner as in previous pics. This wild hair is Tempest from Exile.
Another outfit featured at Room69 now is this Lime Rocker Studded Princess Skirt & Top, comes in a choice of Black & Gold/Silver/Lime/Purple - I chose the Silver for this post as it co-ordinates perfectly with these drop dead sexy Latreia Lejna Silver boots, also @ Room69 now.
The Skeleton Hand Necklace was a Fifty5L Thursday bargain from Pure Poison today - There are Silver, Gold or this Black Option - AND the matching earrings were only 10L in a hunt in the store inside pumpkins, really easy to find, so if you want them, get over there quick! The 'Van' Unisex Bracelets were a gift there too, so well worth a look round! The eyes here are Ikon Sunrise 'Deep Warm Silver'
This hair is a godsend to me when I am showing off earrings! it's called Side Winder and is still on a lucky letter board at Lala Moon, you get a pack with loads of colours - it's so pretty - I'd have waited all day for an 'S' to come up!
Thank you so much once again for visiting my blog and to the Designers for creating such lovely things! Take care and Happy Halloween xx

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wild at Heart ft Baii Maii, Zoul Creation, leLutka

I was just wandering aimlessly round SL this morning when I was asked to blog some items by the lovely Kaiila Moonkill for Baii Maii - she sent me the link to her Marketplace Store and I almost bit her hand off to get my hands on these gorgeous clothes!
I chose the leather knee spike black/snake pants, the Leopard Mesh Skirt and Black Leather Belt from the Baii Maii Collection today, I was being a bit reserved, not like me I know lol, some of the clothes are even sexier - maybe I'll be able to blog them soon too! My friend Winks (WAD Designer) will remember what happens when I'm let loose with a harness - phew!
I teamed the Snake Pants with the belt and added this 'Dirty Top' from Suicidal Unborn - against the advice of my RL son who was watching over my shoulder at the time and advised me to go to Marks & Sparks for a woolly jumper! The Dogtag Necklace is Mandala and Hair is LeLutka 'Rain'
I was in Cosmo Sales Room earlier and I met a very nice young man who pointed me in the direction of RealEvil Industries where I found these beautiful Black Heart bracelets - there are also a few really nice group gifts (free to join - yay!) The Skull Rings were from Swallow. Killer Heels are from P10.
I went with a bit of an Animal Theme today - with the black version of the Baii Maii Pants I added these Ultimate Kira Black/White shoes from Baby Monkey and this Love Zombie Zebra Bustier. One of my all time fave hairstyles Arbor by Damselfly, and Je Suis Colour Change Zebra Bracelet.
Necklace is Maxi Gossamer, Eyes are Ikon Destiny - Walnut & Skin is Kim (Tone 4) from the fabulastic Zoul Creations
Now.. I admit I got carried away with the Animal Theme but this poor harmless little Manticore Siber (below) has been stuck in my inventory for soooo long, I decided he needed a holiday, he's looking a bit peaky!
 I teamed the Baii Maii leopard Skirt with the Baby Monkey Shoes, a bandeau top I already had from Swanky, left hand bracelet from an outfit at Gizza, right hand bangles from Maxi again and and hair Mirai Wild2 from MP. necklace MishMash.
Well, that's about it from me today my friends - Don't forget to check out the rest of Baii Maii's great Fashions on Marketplace and have a great day! Hooowwwwllllss x

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bollywood Here I Come! ft Glitterati, Zoul, TDR, Pure Sales Room

I just had to show you this beautiful NEW Glitterati Juhi Anarkali Dress in Magenta - I didn't want to take it off, makes you feel like dancing around jangling your gold bangles!
Hair is top photo and others Tameless Becca and Damselfly Saxtynn below. I found these perfect Addicted Necklace & Abalone Gold Bracelets (left hand) at A&Ana Fashion Jewellery
The square ring is also by A&Ana F.J. It's the Gloabl Crime Ring White/Yellow, and is now on sale at The Dressing Room Fusion with matching earrings and necklace (not shown) - Medusa Earrings by Klungers here are also available now at The Dressing Room Fusion, available seperately or in a pack of 3 diff metals.
The Miranda Bangle and Rings on the right hand are by Modern.Couture Jewelry - available now at The Pure Sales Room and the gold Isabella Shoes from Gos.
Last but never least is my lovely Zoul Creations Sasha skin (tone 7) and Ikon black Sunrise Eyes.
Another great dress I've got to show you below is the Alexxa Zip up Mini, I love the zip front, very sexy, it's also NEW from Glitterati
Jewelry same as previous outfit apart from the necklace and earrings here are the Gloabl Crime, White/Yellow, now on sale at The Dressing Room Fusion 
 Hair is Iconic Angelina, this skin is  Zoul Creations Tyra in tone7.
Slink Add on Shoes are lassitude & ennui - Alisha lace booties - Thanks for looking at my blog today, take care xx

Monday, 28 October 2013

Scaring Crows ft WAD Designs, Zoul Creations, StoraxTree & Catwa

Not long to go now till the Big Day so here's my last Halloween Outfit - Boo-Licious from WAD Designs and if you love it, get on over to The Pure Sales Room and grab yours in time for your Fright Night Parties!
This saucy little outfit has a skirt, top, boots, hair, broom with cat and the boots emit mist, the hat emits orange sparkles.
I changed the hair on the other pics to Catwa TNT Mesh, the skin is the Gorgeous Sasha from Zoul Creations (Tone 4)
The Snake Charmer Bracelets are from Faun  - Bullet Proof Necklace and Earrings from Things - Eyes Ikon Sunrise Black & Black Slink Nail Appliers from A.S.S (Glamour Silk HUD)
The Scarecrow with birds is from StoraxTree at fi*Friday Empire Galleria - brilliant for adding that finishing touch to a theme night!

Hope you all have a great Halloween, thanks for checking my blog and come back soon!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Choices Choices! ft & Zoul Creations & !Soul

I'm dead chuffed today - I am now an official blogger for Zoul Creations skins! I dont know where to start except to say I've always loved these skins and anyone that knows me will know how picky I am! I bought the new skin Abi when it was released & have been wearing that for a few days now but I thought I'd show you one that I haven't tried & tested as yet and I hope you'll agree with me how gorgeous it is! Let me introduce Adriana!
I'm just using Tone 3 in these pics so you can see how versatile it is - wear any outfit & hair and she's absolutely stunning! The second thing I'm buzzed about today is this new release from !Soul - This outfit I am featuring comes with a dress, bag and boots (two styles have a belt) and they are all 60L each would you believe? Necklace and bracelets above are from Izzie's, the NoName hippie headband was a gift at Boho Culture (Open till 31st October) and the mesmorising eyes are Ikon Perspective - Frostbite. LeLutka Canto Hair.
I changed the eyes in the above pic to Ikon's Sunrise - Deep Warm Silver and the lipstick comes with the skin, in fact there are 10 eyeshadows and 10 lips colours included with each skin! Dark Ruby Sun Necklace and Earrings from Zuri, Hair LeLutka Vibrato, Goldenwork bracelet from Miss LT Creations.
All Zoul skins come in three options, light, dark or no eyebrows and two cleavage choices and there are 7 tones to choose from. Appliers are available too for Slink, Tangos &  Phat Azz. The above pic has jewellery from League, Elikatira Lasting Red Hair, Ikon Destiny Maya Eyes.
This hair above is Faye, new from Truth, Ikon Destiny Maya Eyes, necklace and earrings from Market Place HERE - only 10L on a promo offer! The Hole Bangle is Izzie's - has colour change menu.
I love this outfit above, very swinging 60s! Lelutka Brigitte hair, Maxi Gossamer Peace Necklace.
This one has the League Necklace and Bracelet and the Izzie's bangle, hair is Caramel from Elikitira
Now this Drot Jason hair above is meant to be men's hair, I've had this forever and its a red shade, even if it does look orange! Looks almost as cute on men, almost! This particular !Soul dress comes with a belt and they all come with Tango Appliers but with a cleavage like Adriana has, who needs em? lol. Wooden Bangles and Necklace from Indi.
I changed to Ikon Utopia Green Eyes this time, Pandora Hair from Iconic and the Soulsick Amber necklace was from Market Place HERE The Lashes I used in all these pics were from the Nurse Mesh Outfit I blogged earlier from VIPs Creations. The sunglasses were from a Giuliadesign outfit called Anita.
I hope you loved all these looks as much as I did, I better call it a day for now, thanks so much for looking in, come back soon!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

My Faves of the Day ft WAD Designs, Zoul, Pure Sales Room, Cosmo Sales Room & Iconic.

Thought I'd show you some of the cute things I found on my travels today - First off is this little cutie complete Pixie Avatar from WAD Designs and available now at The Pure Sales Room - how could anyone resist her?
She comes with skin, shape, hair, lashes, nails, top, pants, piercings & boots
Oh and the bubblegum lol!
Only things I added here were the eyes which are Destiny - Maya from Ikon
She's so tiny & cute you just want to pick her up and cuddle her lol - She's available now at The Pure Sales Room - or check out the MP Store HERE.
I also paid a visit to the Cosmo Sales Room where I found this gorgeous Sorbonne Jacket from Loordes of London in the photo below.
Also from Cosmo was this sexy Sweet Cherry goldglitter bodysuit and the G&D Exodus Gold Earrings. Art slink nail appliers from Deesses.
The leggings are from Stigma on mp HERE - boots from the DeeDee outfit at WAD Designs, Heart Ring and Necklace from Bens Beauty, bracelet from Zuri
This gorgeous skin is Tyra from Zoul Creations, Destiny Maya eyes from Ikon, hair is Diva from Iconic. If you're in the UK don't forget to put your clocks back, take care and thanks for checking my blog today :)

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Perils of a Blogger! ft VIPs creations

I've decided I need danger money for this job after my adventure today! I had this sexy mesh nurse outfit to blog for VIP's Creations so off I trotted to find somewhere to take the photos - I had been to this 'hospital'  before so I thought I'd go back there.. I decided to wear this kaya skin by Mar for the pics, as it has Tango Appliers.
It was deserted so I just got on with it, went through loads of poses, changed the stockings from white to red, wore the dress, decided I prefered the black hair to blonde, then wore the undies... so far so good I thought - and when I saw some guy's crosshairs on my head for the whole time I was there, so naturally assumed he was perving!
Then as I was about to leave - I heard a Police Siren so I wandered out into the corridor to find two male avies dressed like a swat team or something, complete with heavy duty guns for heaven's sake!
Well, they shouted at me to get my clothes off, and that I was dressed inappropriately for a family sim (albeit an empty one) - thought they were pulling my leg, I was going to 'get out of it' literally till I realised they were serious and threatening to remove me if I didn't change clothes!
Needless to say I left rather than change out of this sexy uniform but even when I apologised, the guy was a right misery guts - but funny how he perved my ass for twenty minutes before coming over.. maybe it wasnt a gun in his pocket after all! lmao. Perhaps VIP's Creations should issue a warning with every outfit in future!

Maybe ft WAD Designs

I love my animal print, so was chuffed that Winks Adored of WAD Designs has brought out this lovely 'Maybe' outfit.
It has a top & leggings plus bracelets and boots - these boots are brilliant, a longer version of the ones I featured in the DeeDee outfit previously. Necklace here from Maxi Gossamer.
Hair is Saxtynn2 from Damselfly, Dokata rings from Bens Beauty, Earrings & Bracelet (on the left hand) are from Zuri's B&B Gold/Onyx Set.
Eye Shadow is from Kosh, skin Zoul Creations - I still have Claire, my first skin from Zoul, but I cant resist every time a new one comes out! And these newer skin tones have all the Appliers available which is great! Abi, Tyra, Jessica & Rosie are in my inventory lol!
A close up of the sexy boots that show a little sexy skin at the toe and heel - The Top Bracelet here is the one that comes with the 'Maybe' outfit, the other is the Zuri one - Winks now has another store which you can reach from HERE or check out her store in Marketplace HERE. The gold nails appliers for the slink hands are from Deesses
And that's the end for today - thank you so much for looking at my humble blog and do come back soon, I'm also on Flickr if you want to see photos of other things I've blogged over the past few months - find me HERE.