Tuesday, 30 September 2014

'Just Before Dawn' ft Crow, Entice, WOW, ZOZ, Rowena's Designs, Dura, Verocity, RYCA, Slink

I had problems logging in today with SL doing their weekly maintenance so I had to log in at a different location and this is where I landed - Creepy Sim called Halloween Rock 'n Shock!

Here's another skin from the NEW Crow Store - this is Rowan Summer Bare - as I said previously, the owner Mattie Crow is working on slink appliers (which is why my hands dont match perfectly) and anyone buying a skin now will get a free update once they are ready. I have added Galaxy Bling lips from a set in a hunt at WOW skins Store - $L1 for the pack - this is the Mars Colour, and Ancient Eyeliner from Moda. The Grey Eyes are also from  Crow.

Hair is Dura Girl 56 Black and the Jewelry is RYCA. Nail Appliers for Slink Hands and Feet are from ZOZ @ Designer Circle - this set is called Romantic Dreams.

These gorgeous Shoes for Slink High Feet are from the lovely Rowena Springflower - these are called Kelly Heels and have a texture change hud - If you haven't been to check out Rowena's Designs yet, you need to pay a visit, really detailed and beautiful outfits plus lucky boards and freebies.

I love the shiny texture on this dress - this is the Entice Dita Leather Mini Dress - I'm wearing the Peacock colour - there are five others to chose from, and all are just 55$L at the Main Store - they come with matching tights included and there are ankle boots in the same colours sold seperately. I've used Poses by Verocity in all these pictures.

 Thanks for checking my blog, and come back soon!

Monday, 29 September 2014

'Quickie' ft WOW, Rowena's Designs, Crow, ZOZ, RYCA, Moon, Unbothered, Pink Acid, L'Armoire, Bens Beauty, Slink, ColdAmbitionz

Quick post before I dash off to work! Every time WOW release another skin - I try it and think - THIS is my favourite - and then Sawsan Secretspy brings out another one and THAT'S my favourite! This is my latest favourite - Allison and she's available in tan, bronze and dark tan at the latest round of Designer Circle for only 99$L!

Just got these lovely boots from Rowena Springflower  - they are designed for Slink High Feet and called Kali V1 - there's also a V2 which has skull buckles up the side, also lovely - and they have a hud to change texture of the boot and heel.

The outfit I picked up at Fi Friday this week - the Beladi Africa Skirt is by ColdAmbitionz and the black twist top is by Unbothered. The Gold Cross Necklace is by L'armoire.

The Nail Appliers from Slink Hands & Feet are from ZOZ - had this set for ages and keep going back to it, love the colours. This is Animal Print Gold Polish and available at the Main Store. Tribe Bracelet ( I think I had two bracelets on left hand by mistake lol ) and Ring are from Ison, and the bangle on the right hand is RYCA.

Hair is from Moon - 21 Hours @ the  N°21 Event and the 'October' earrings from Bens Beauty.
Eyes are from Crow - from a set of 3 grey eyes (set 2). Eyeliner is Queen Bee from Pink Acid. The gnashers are from Whatever.

'Why' ft Crow, Rowena's Designs. ZOZ, Pomposity, Ikon, Pink Acid, Maxi Gossamer, LeLutka, Del May, Blonde Queen

Another gorgeous skin from the NEW Crow Skins store ladies - this is 'Sophie Crescent Evening 7' - I do love a bit of goth - so this tone was perfect and the lips are lush! As I mentioned yesterday, Mattie - the owner of Crow Skins, is working on Slink Appliers etc but anyone who buys a skin now will get a free update when they are available. I've added teeth from Whatever and Pink Acid Queen Bee Eyeliner. Eyes are Ikon Sunrise in Black.

Also NEW from the fabulous Rowena Springflower of Rowena's Designs is this epic Caitlin Jacket, Corset/Pant set - has three seperate huds included to change textures - very sexy! Top Pose is from Le Poppycock, others are Del May. Necklace is Cross of Assisi from Maxi Gossamer.

New out at the latest round of Designer Circle is the 'PeachShape' I am using today - this is from BlondeQueen. Also new at Designer Circle is the latest release from ZOZ - the Nail Appliers for Slink Hands/Feet - these are the  'Romantic Dreams' set. The Iona Heels here are also from ZOZ and on sale at The Clockwork Spiral right now.

Tikka Head Dress and Multi Cross Rings are from Pomposity. You can change the metal/gem colour by clicking on them. Hair is Bouffant from LeLutka - also has a tiara (not shown)

Here's a rear view to show off the back lacing on the corset and pants. I took these photos at Afterlife. Hope you've enjoyed the post, haven't as much time today as RL work beckons :( See you soon x

Sunday, 28 September 2014

'Start a Band' ft Crow, Mina, ZOZ, Corvus, THD, Ikon, Slink, BellePoses, Custom Inkz, Maxi Gossamer, Happy Undead, HollyHood.

I found these fantastic BelleBody 'Cherie'  poses at the OMG room from BellePoses - they include the microphone props, I just couldn't resist playing at being a rockstar for the day!

For all fellow skin addicts out there - There's a NEW skin store just opened called Crow  - they are pretty cute skins too, this is Rowan Autumn Evening 2 - All I've added is the teeth from 'Whatever' and THD Bold Eyeliner. Mattie Crow - the owner of the store is in the process of creating slink appliers etc, but will give free upgrades to customers who buy skins before she's got them ready - till then if you use Slink hands & feet you can change the colour of them manually to match, or do as I have and wear gloves lol! Check out the main store for demos or see Mattie's Flickr Page to get a closer look at all the skins.

Hair is Femke from Mina Hair - Slink Nail Appliers are from ZOZ - Glitter Kiss. Tattoo is 'Bad to the Bone' from Custom Inkz. Eyes are Ikon Hope in Denim.

Difficult to see clearly over the gloves I know, but these are Maxi Gossamer's Voodoo Rocker Bracelets. 

The off-shoulder top here is Muerte Jane from Corvus - I love these tops - there are several different designs and they are very inexpensive, I'm gonna get them all! I saw this on someone in a store and inspected it to see where it was from. I'm so bad at doing that lol - have you ever done that and clicked the wrong thing, ended up sitting on their head? No? Must be just me then!

The skirt is from Happy Undead - in Black Vinyl - this skirt has soooo many sizes in the folder you're bound to find the perfect fit! Boots are for Slink High feet - Holly Hood Mesh Black Machiano Boots.

Thanks for checking my blog and come back soon.. p.s. Can I join Keith Urban's Band please?

Saturday, 27 September 2014

'Show me the way to Go-ndola Home' ft Asteria, ZOZ, D!va, PumeC, RYCA, YS&YS, THD. L'Armoire, Ikon, Slink

Hard work this shopping lark, where's the Gondola Taxi Driver when you need one?

I took these pics in Venice ( obviously lol ) - this outfit is new at Asteria Creations - Martina Pants with Suspenders (braces) and blouse. Poses are from Label Motion and Le Poppycock.

If you want this ZOZ Fall Faded French Nail Applier for Slink Hands you'll need to get over to the Cosmo Sales Room today as it's the last day of the current round. The Triangle Ring is from RYCA.

Asami Onyx Hair is from D!va - Skin Is PumeC Marina in the Winter shade. Eyes are Ikon Vanity in Platinum and the Bold Eyeliner is from THD.

I love the shine on these black/gold shoes from YS&YS @ The Dressing Room Fusion. The Zebra Bag is also from YS&YS at the same place.

The Gold Cross Necklace is from L'Armoire at Fi Friday Salesroom.

Friday, 26 September 2014

'I don't care how you get here' ft WOW, ZOZ, Pomposity, Moon, Cynful, Kunglers, EC, BabyDoll, L'armoire, Pink Acid, Posetivety, SYL, Revolver

You can reach me by railway
You can reach me by trailway
You can reach me on an airplane
You can reach me with your mind

You can reach me by Caravan
Cross the desert like an Arab man
I don't care how you get here
Just get here if you can

You can reach me by sailboat
Climb a tree and swing rope to rope
Take a sled and slide down the slope
Into these arms of mine

There are hills and mountains between us
Always something to get over
If I had my way, surely you would be closer
I need you closer...

Skin - WOW - Lolita Dark Tan
Nail Appliers for Slink Hands & Feet - ZOZ - Group Gift - Silver Rose Romance
Flower Gem Ring & Multi Cross Ring - Pomposity
Lips -  Pink Acid Heat Matte Lipstick V2  - True Blood @ Fi Friday
Freckles - Soonsiki - Odd Beauty Freckles (comes with Bambi Hair @ Fi Friday
Cross Necklace - L'armoire @ Fi Friday
Moto Leather Jacket - Revolver @ Fi Friday
Telly Glasses - SYL @ Fi Friday
Chain Top - BabyDoll @ Fi Friday
Princess Heels - BabyDoll @ Fi Friday
Grape Cross Earrings - Kunglers
Hair - Moon - 21 Hours @ N°21
Teeth - Whatever
Bandeau Skirt - Cynful
Leggings - EC (from Vika outfit) 
Poses - Posetivity
Location - Afterlife

Sometimes song lyrics say it all - hope you have a good day and come back soon :)

Thursday, 25 September 2014

'After Dark' ft WOW, Millesime Designs, Moon, Nantra, Sn@tch, Maxi Gossamer, ZOZ, Ikon, Slink, Glamistry, Panda Punx, Whatever

I liked this Moon '21 Hours' hair from N21 so much I had to blog it again today! Using some poses today by Nantra called 'He Had It Coming' from My Attic.

Loving this new skin from WOW - This is 'Lolita' and out now at the Main Store - has a light eyebrow but there is a tattoo dark eyebrow included. You'll also find the mesh shops installers for face and body, slink visage applier, loud mouth, and all other appliers at the store.

The 'Kassie' Gold Jumpsuit is from Millesime Designs @ Fresh Style - there are appliers with this for Boobs & Bums but it looks just as hot without. Also comes in other colours - Pink, Yellow, Blue & Brown. Jewelry is Maxi Gossamer's 'Hampton Boho Earrings, Bracelets and Rings, and Sn@tch 'Morrigan Beaded Necklace' from The Jewelry Fair. Shoes are 'Statice' by Glamistry at My Attic, they are available in loads of colours and have a hud to change the metal texture.

The luscious 'Bitter' Lips are from Panda Punx Bodyshop, teeth are from 'Whatever' - Bold Eyeliner from THD, and Eyes are Ikon Vanity in Platinum. I took the photos at 'Afterlife' - the club based on a cult Tarantino movie 'From Dusk Till Dawn' - hence the music choice :)

Thanks for checking my blog and feel free to pop over to Afterlife to take photos or to say hi!!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

'Fantasy Island' ft Rowena's Designs, Elysium, Moon, ZOZ, Ikon, Slink, DeePosed, Label Motion, RE, MG, LouLou.

Rowena Springflower's gone and got sexy with this latest 'Aisling' Bra & Panties outfit and I can report back that my partner loves it too!

I added Anklets from BabyDoll, 'Aaliya' Bracelets from RealEvil Industries, 'Willow' Arm Bands from LouLou and the 'Aisling' Necklace from Rowena's Designs and 'Vallari' Hoop Earrings from Maxi Gossamer.

Skin here is the latest release from Elysium - 'Kate' in the freckled Latte Tone. I added 'Bitter' lips from Panda Punx and 'Bold Eyeliner' from THD. Eyes are Ikon Vanity in Platinum. Teeth are from 'Whatever'

This '21 Hours' hair is just gorgeous - it's new from Moon at n21, Nail applier for Slink Hands & Feet is 'Silver Rose Romance' the latest group gift from ZOZ.

I took the pics at Black Basalt Beach and the Poses are from DeePosed Predator 1in the first pic and Label Motion in the others - Ally Pose 6, Carola Pose 2, Fairy Pose 4.

Thanks again for checking my Blog and come back soon!

Monday, 22 September 2014

'Doesn't Always Make it Right' ft Rowena's Designs, WOW, Elikatira, ZOZ, Slink, Ikon, RYCA, Bliensen + MaiTai

I love blogging for Rowena's Designs, she makes such lovely clothes, I know as soon as I set foot back home in my club wearing something from Rowena, people will ask where I got it, and today's Tarren Top and Pants Outfit was no exception! I was dithering between the green or this mustard colour as they were my faves from the colour change hud, but in the end I went for this and it is lovely isnt it?

I must have had this 'Friedel' Bliensen + MaiTai Clutch bag for ages and had forgotten all about it, till I was searching my inventory for something to match and this is perfect - almost the same colour as the Elikatira Marnie hair!

Jewelry today is all from RYCA. Skin is Lexie in Dark Tan from WOW Skins, now available at The Thrift Shop and the eyes are Ikon Vanity in Platinum. Bold Eyeliner is THD.

The Rowena's Designs Heels are for Slink Mid Feet - these are also called Tarren and are colour changeable to match the outfit. Nail Appliers are the latest Group Gift from ZOZ - Silver Rose Romance. Poses are Label Motion.

Thanks again for checking my blog and come back soon!

'Angel on My Shoulder' ft Lara Hurley, ZOZ, RYCA, Slink, SU, Bens Beauty, Rowena's Designs, Panda Punx, {D.o.R.k}, TattooMania

Ok, so the Angel here isn't strictly speaking on my shoulder but I was struggling to find a song called 'Angel on my Bottom' lol!

All blinged up and ready to go today - I love the gold jewelry at RYCA - Bangles, Necklace and Hoop Earrings - the Sunglasses are 'Woyn' from Bens Beauty. Hair is Chanel from Fab-u-lous. Tattoo is from TattooMania @ Fi Friday - comes with Applier for Slink Hands.

The shorts are featured at the latest round of Fresh Style - these are from {D.o.R.k} and there's a choice of two designs, both with colour change huds. The Dalena Boots that seem to be welded to my legs this week (see previous posts for a closer look!) are from Rowena's Designs.The ripped crop top is from SU, can be used without the Lola's Boobs if you wish too.

Skin is Lara Hurley 'Evon' and the lips are 'Bitter' in Blood colour from Panda Punx. Teeth are from Whatever. I've used a couple of poses from the 'Boobies' set by Sup Poses @ Fresh Style and one (rear view) from Label Motion.

Nail Appliers for Slink Hands are the latest Group Gift from ZOZ, yes of course I chose the red from the set lol - these are called Silver Rose Romance, and are at the Main Store now for Group Members.
 Thanks for checking my blog, have a good day and come back soon! x

Sunday, 21 September 2014

'Purple Reigns' ft WOW, ZOZ, Pomposity, Rowena's Designs, Dura, Panda Punx, THD, Ikon, GDit.

"I never wanted to be your weekend lover
I only wanted to be some kind of friend
Baby, I could never steal you from another
It's such a shame our friendship had to end... "

The Rebelion Purple Top and Jeans are by Impose at the latest Fresh Style Salesroom Event - the open waist jeans are black and the top comes in several different colour choices if purple isn't your thing! Royal Bangles are from Pomposity and the 'Lucky Seven' Colour Change Earrings are from GDit.

WOW have another gorgeous skin out now - this is 'Raja' in the bronze tone - now available at the main store. I have added Panda Punx Plum 'Bitter Lipstick' and Bold Eyeliner from THD. Eyes are Ikon Vanity in Platinum.

Hair is from Dura - Boy 36 - Hairbase is from Naomie Dirval, it comes with the Karrueche Hair.

Shoes are Tiffany Heels - another brilliant release from Rowena's Designs - they have a colour change hud so you can alter the Straps and Gems seperately. Appliers for Slink Toenails are in the Iona Silver set to match the mesh fingernails from ZoZ @ The Clockwork Spiral.

Thanks again for checking my blog and please come back soon :)

Friday, 19 September 2014

'Behind Blue Eyes' ft Rowena's Designs, Pomposity, Argrace, Glow Designs, ZOZ, MG, Ikon, Panda Punx, New Faces, Slink, VG

I have another gorgeous dress here today from Rowena Springflower which is the latest group gift at the Store. As usual it has a colour change hud - it's called 'Allison' and the colour change belt is part of the dress which is just as well, since I can never get belts to fit properly lol. Barcelona Shoes here are from VG @ Fresh Style Sales Room which has just opened again for the latest round, so don't miss that.
The Hollow Diamond Necklace and Rings are from Pomposity, you can change the colour just by clicking on them. The Bracelets are Barcelona from Maxi Gossamer.
Skin here is New Faces Wendy in Summer Tone from Kustom 9. Bold Eyeliner is THD. My new favourite 'Bitter' lipstick in the Pewter shade is from Panda Punx Bodyshop. I've forgotten some of the poses I used here, I will have to write them down before I log off in future, but I do know the one below is Sugar Puss from Le Poppycock and the last pic is a Vanity Pose from the 'Details' set @ The Thrift Shop.
Love the colour of these aviator sunglasses from Glow Designs. Eyes are Ikon 'Hope' in Denim. Hair is Argrace Mizuki.
The Iona Silver Mesh Nails for Slink Hands are from ZOZ - they are available at The Clockwork Spiral Event until Oct 1st  and 50% of each sale goes to the kidney foundation.