Monday, 13 June 2016

'Raining on Sunday' ft Amara Beauty, Avanti, Argrace, Catwa, Maitreya, Zenith, Exposeur

Well, after another couple of hours today (that I'll never get back as my Mother used to say) trawling through marketplace and inworld shops for decent clothes for my man's TMP body, we had almost given up hope - I still live in hope of finding him the perfect jeans - that fit perfectly around the waist and he can wear shoes or boots with, in a style he feels comfortable about wearing. Men are funny creatures, they like nothing better than to see us females (who might be around the 50 year old age bracket in RL, the same as them) tottering around in skimpy clothes and impossibly high heels on SL that we wouldn't be seen dead wearing in RL, but ask them to wear jeans with underpants attached to the waist or ass crack showing and omg, how dare you? lol.

So anyway, today he's modelling (coughs) some shoes and jeans which fortunately you can't see very well, cos he can't remember where he got them - he hasn't quite got the hang of this blogging lark yet obviously!
He was wearing (before the photo) a nice jacket from Lavarock, which I mention purely because even though it wasnt specifically designed for the TMP body, it did fit nicely, so am sure you'll be seeing it here soon! 
His hair is from No Match as I said yesterday - I don't need to worry about remembering his hair, the last one he had was four years old and in that time he never had it off his head, we had to have it surgically removed!
My Stuff:
Head - Catwa - Sarah
Body - Maitreya - Lara
Hair - Argrace - Hikari - Blacks
Skin Applier - Amara Beauty - Riley @ We <3 Roleplay
Bodysuit - Avanti @ Rock Attitude Fair
Ripped Stockings - Avanti @ Rock Attitude Fair
Cosy Long Gloves - Zenith
Earrings - Voodoo Rocker - Maxi Gossamer
Pose - {.:exposeur:.} Stay Tonight
Location - Rainy Alley


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