Sunday, 8 September 2013

Graveyard Shift

I've been a good girl this weekend, all pink and sugary after my last post - but I have to show off my other side too, especially when ^v^DRBC^v^ are giving this cute dress away - ok, so it's a bit like The Bride of Dracula meets Miss Rockabilly but I make the rules here lol..

Tattoo here is the Pin Up from ^v^DRBC^v^ -  love this vintage style!

I was gonna use the hair from the photos in store but then I found this Gloria Hair from good old A&A in my inventory, think it was a freebie long time ago but guess you can still get it there...

The ^v^DRBC^v^ group chat pointed me towards the items they have at Total Anarchy - this is the Polka Dot Pencil Skirt which I grabbed with both hands while they were on sale like they were gonna change their minds! Top is Mona from Corvus.

Spider Ring is one of my faves from Remarkable Oblivion
Bloody Knees - Suicidal Union, check MP, not sure store is there now
Arm Bandage Was from MP also - Rebelwear
Necklace - Cross of Assisi - Maxi Gossamer

Also picked up this cheeky Bliss mini dress, so cute with the gorgeous Essences Cho skin - I sort of felt a bit guilty covering that pretty face with tattoos but I did it anyway!

Eyes are Ikon Sunrise in black
Boots were Chainless Innovation
Weeping Mascara and sewn up mouth tattoo was from Crickets - Willow Witch outfit.
Underworld Make Up Tattoo from Sn@tch

Poses I used here were from Slouch - I could spend hours trying out poses in animation stores, I think I've worn the vendors out!

Thanks for visiting my blog, have a good week!

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