Friday, 29 November 2013

Fashion Explosion - ft The Fashion Fair, J&A Expo, The Christmas Market

The long awaited Fashion Fair opens today - part of the Pure Perfection Group that bring you the Pure Sales Room - so you know you're getting brilliant designer outfits at great prices - for example this exclusive Wrap me Up Mini & Bikini from ToxicHigh is just 85L
- this outfit includes Tango & Phat Azz Appliers and is seriously sexy! These colour change 'Moon & Stars for You' Earrings are from Maxi Gossamer :@ the J&A Expo starting 6th December, and the turquoise boots are a 50L gacha prize from the Christmas Market Event by Maniac Quintessa. Skin here is Ingrid from Modish - Iconic Hair - Rain
 And this Ariskea classy formal gown below is also an exclusive at the Fashion Fair - comes in two colourways, Sunrise or Sunset - this is the Sunrise version.
This fabulously ornate Jewelry is another featured at the upcoming J&A Expo - this is Son!a Sima Necklace & Earrings. Skin here is Alicia from Deeses and their Art Slink Nail Appliers. Ikon Sunrise Black Eyes, Kosh eyeshadow. Saxtynn Hair from Damselfly, hairbase Emo-tions
Cashmere & Keane Caicko Knuckle Duster @ The Jewelry & Accessory Expo starting 6th December - Art Slink Nail Appliers from Deesses
Another great event to check out is the Christmas Market - I showed you the turqouise boots earlier, here are some more  you'll love!
These awesome red pumps are ManiacQuintessa - Carmilla ~ Dark X-mas from The Christmas Market Event
Its not easy to show these ManiacQuintessa X-mas boots off at their best on here, the soles have a design that lifts them out of the ordinary and they are all gacha prizes @ The Christmas Market - the rare ones are Candy Cane and Christmas Night, 2nd & 3rd on the photo below, but they are all gorgeous!
Hope you manage to visit some of the great events going on at the moment, we really are spoiled by some fantastic designers - long may it continue - come back soon for more from me, take care x

Thursday, 28 November 2013

More from J&A Expo ft Luas

Oh my goodness girls, there are so many gorgeous things waiting for you at the Jewelry & Accessory Expo starting on 6th Dec, I just dont know what to blog first! Let me just show you a couple of things from Luas for starters this morning..
These are the winter shoulder pads, they add that military feel to the most basic of outfits - (this 'tease' cat suit was free on Marketplace) It has little crosses dangling from either shoulder and the chains back and front. The Samira Boots come in either basic or funny colours and have a texture change hud so there are several colourways to go with.
The 'No more Tears' face chain here is a Gacha prize, the one I am showing you is a rare black as the beads matched the colour of the eyeshadow but there are other colours including a rare gold. The Plain Leather Collar is Jessica from Phoebe's - you can change the colour.
Hair is Kelly from Emo-tions (curls hairbase from Emo-tions seperately)
Skin - Selentril from [MC]
Mint Liquid Eyeshadow - Kosh
Eye Liner/Mascara - Boom
Lava Dust Eyes - PC
Black Lips - Curves

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Have I got News for You! ft J&A Expo, Pure Sales Room, Zoul Creations & more!

Morning ladies! Let's get ready to rumble with a few sneak previews of some brilliant things coming up at the Jewelry & Accessory Expo which starts on 6th December - Just to wet your appetite I've got these Yasum Dead End Boots - they have a texture change hud so you can alter the  main colour, the metal, the little pendant, or wear them without the pendant, my pics really don't do them justice - you need to go try them for yourselves, they really are to die for!
Hope you can see more detail on the pic below, that pierced tongue is just brilliant, I am constantly gobsmacked at the level of detail designers put into their work, just imagine how many hours it must take to create some of these things!
This cute outfit is from Vivid @ The Pure Sales Room, I love the Vivid Range, this one has a colour change hud too, I'm showing you several colour options here, there are 12 colours of top and 4 for the skirt
If you check my blog often you'll know Zoul Creations are one of my favourite skin designers and this is one of the range, this is Tyra, I know I keep harping on about skins, it's one of my fetishes on SL as well as shoes and hair lol, but just look at her lips, they're so perfectly done! The liquid eyeshadow on both these close ups is from Kosh and the tattoo Love my Eyes eyeliner/mascara is from Boom
The right hand Hole Bangle above is one I use a lot, its from Izzie's it's colour changeable and has so many pretty colours, it will go with most outfits. The leopardsclaw bangle on the left hand is Baubles - an exclusive for the J&A Expo - the top band on the bangle is colour change - and the CrystalCosmos ring is also a Baubles Gacha prize at the Expo, this is the Evening sunset stone, so many stunning colours, whichever you get you wont be disappointed.
The beautiful Eclectica Relic Necklace and Earrings shown in the above pics - are also colour change (loving the turquoise) - A BIG thank you to the designers for that, makes them so versatile and great value - these will also be on show at the J&A Expo - yes I know, you have to wait till 6th December but they are worth waiting for, believe me! This is the black metal version but it also comes in Dark & Pale Gold or Silver - Eclectica also have some delightful shoes for Slink Medium feet at the Expo, I'll be blogging those shortly :)
Now we come to these Yasum Steampunk leggings coming up soon from the J&A Expo - I saw these on another blogger's post and just had to get my hands on them, they're so awesome!They have a mega hud so you can change the texture of the boot and/or the heels, and check out this buckle, which also has a texture change hud. I've only shown you a few combinations, this is just a 'coulda, woulda, shoulda'  item in my book! Also wearing Made to Sin S&C top
The hair I've used is from a fab hair store I recently discovered by inspecting someone's head! It's a store called Naomie Dirval and this style is Jill.
The absolutely delicious necklace and earrings featured in the last three pics today are from a favourite haunt of mine - Emo-tions - I have spent hour after hour there, I must have every hair demo available  - but if you thought Emo-tions was JUST a hair store, think again! They have some glorious fashions and accessories and this Fairytale dark silver set - yes you guessed it, is coming up at the J&A Expo! Faceted ring is from Yummy.
It's just as beautiful from the front or the back view, hope you can see the detail on this lovely jewelry for yourselves here.
The hairbase above is one you might have noticed I wear most of the time - it's also from Emo-tions, it's called Curls, and I couldn't be without this hairbase, I love the way it swirls across the face. Eyes are Ikon Sunrise in Black and the slink nail applier is one I use a lot from Deesses.
I hope you made it to the end of this mega post lol - I just want to show you all everything I see that I love, and there's so much awesomeness out there at the moment! Be back soon x

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Back & in Black! ft J&A Expo, Underscore, Ricielli, Mystic Canvass, Mandala, Gos, Munique, Air

Well I'm back having moved house and while I have no fridge and the sofa is stuck in the garage cos it won't fit through the door, at least I've got my internet reconnected! I dont know whether to laugh or cry at the moment, I'll let you know when I decide!
Today I thought I'd show you this sexy new top from Ricielli available at the Dressing Room Fusion, I just had to have this, I love the spiked bra top the the casual off the shoulder look. This has three options and I'm showing you them all, Ramones, Guns & Roses and Rolling Stones versions.
This skin is from one of my fave skin stores Mystic Canvass, all her skins are on sale at the minute for 99L until 30th November which you cant miss, I have several I paid 800L for, so I was over there like a shot! This one is called Selentril, A&D cup cleavage options, shape, 4 lip colours and tango appliers, I love the dramatic eyes on this one.
I just adore this new spikey punky unisex Lyon hair from Underscore - it has a colour change hud for realistic, smooth or fierce options, all different textures - this one is realistic goth, the Lyon style is inspired by the movie Final Fantasy Advent Children - so my 27 year old daughter will approve! Dogtag necklace is Mandala, jeans Munique and the sexy mules are Rockstar from Gos available now at Shoetopia which will be closing in a few days so dont miss that if you haven't been already!
And if you haven't heard, the Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2013 is almost upon us - it will open its doors Dec 6th & each Designer will be offering 2 exclusive items & a gift for visitors. I cant wait, there's gonna be so much to see - including these fabulous Air  Meteora glasses in silver or gold, so classy but look just as good with this outfit as a posh frock! I'll be blogging more amazing things from the Expo soon, so watch this space!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

'Corset's gorgeous!' ft !Soul, DBS, Fab-u-Lous, Axix Animations.

I might be away for a few days now with moving RL, so before I go, I'll just take this chance to show you a yummy outfit from !Soul - This is the Underbust Corset Outfit & top with legging bottoms, panties and ankle boots - has a colour change hud and tango/lush appliers too!
This sultry skin is new out from the Deluxe Body Factory, she's called Takira, available in two skin tones (Cocoa, Espresso) with two cleavage options,1 natural face without makeup, 6 different make-ups, 2 modifiable shapes, 1 regular, 1 for the Phat Azz appliers,1 brow shaper (modifiable)
&1 alpha layer to hide the system eyelashes.
 My faceted ring is from Yummy, nail appliers from Deesses, hair Ally-B from Fab-u-Lous.
This Pin Up Stool is from Axix Animations, very sexy poses!
Hopefully I'll be back soon, keep checking the blog for more stuff and keep your fingers crossed my sofa fits through the door! xx

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Back in Black ft FBD, Black Affair, AMD, Catwa

Quick one before I go to bed tonight, just got this gorgeous Back in Black dress from FBD which will be on sale at the The Black Event @ The Wash - one of three stunning FBD dresses there for only 50L each!
 AMD Milly skin, Catwa Eva Hair, Clutch bag is from Pure Poison, Queen Bee eyeliner Pink Acid
These Cherry Blakely Plum Glitter (slink add on) Sandals I eventually got from Shoetopia after several days trying to get there! Worth the wait I hope you agree!
Finger/Toe Nail Appliers from Deesses, eyes Poetic Colours Grey Sea and am chuffed as I got this lovely Mistwood Silver Necklace  and Cazimi Earrings for almost free on Marketplace.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Pocahontas ft WAD Designs, AMD, Emo-tions

Not sure whether Pocahontas actually wore blood red lipstick and manicured nails but what the heck! Anything goes on SL - and dressing up is fun! I love this new outfit from WAD Designs, I feel like a kid again playing Cowboys & Injuns!

Hair is Depth from Emo-tions, comes with a shaved hair base.Turquesa Copper Earrings by CPD
I found on Marketplace HERE  Eyebrow studs from Puncture.
Lipstick is Pekka, Tribal Face Tattoo from Stop & Ink HERE
Thanks to Punki's Blog for bringing AMD to my attention - their skins are on sale at the minute, only 50-75L - bargain, especially if you're not bothered about tango/slink/phat azz appliers, which unfortunately for my pocket, I am! lol
This one is called Lily in the dark tone, very sexy! I got a few others while I was there, well you just have to dont you? lol
This Pocahontas outfit really is well made, the bow and arrows, leg thingies, arm straps, head piece, they look so realistic! You can get this and other awesome outfits at WAD's Store or on Marketplace - HERE. I'll be blogging more great stuff tomorrow so come back soon!

Monday, 18 November 2013

A HARD DAY'S NIGHT ft Panda Punx, D&G Fashions, Pure Sales Room, WOW, Dura, Modern Couture, Miss Canning, Eternal Dreams, Designer Circle.

Well I've 'hard a hard day's night' shopping, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it! Have a few lovely things to show you - ready for this? I have two beautiful new skins today - this first one is called Maram and it's available now at the Designer Circle from WOW - and I did say 'WOW' when I saw it - it's just 99L - yes you read that right - 99L! Appliers are available seperately but they wont cost an arm and a leg (or should I say hand and foot lol)
She's wearing D&G Boomboom Bettie in Berry, a new release from them, which is the most gorgeous juicy colour - and also available Charcoal, Cherry, Copper or  Ocean with Tango & Phat Azz Appliers of course. The hair is Dura 42 Black, I was searching for this hair for ages after seeing it on a model in an ad, I finally asked in a group and some kind person pointed me towards Dura, where I had only been a few days previously for their latest release and walked right past it! This stunning jewelry is by Modern Couture, called Rubi and is also out now at the Designer Circle
The second pretty skin I have to show you today is this one from Panda Punx - completely different, but I love this one too! She's available now for the unbelievable price of 75L @ The Pure Sales Room - Appliers, Shape & Anime Eyes are all available seperately.
This is Hartlyn, she has cleavage or non cleavage, and she has an attitude about her I think :) She looks like butter wouldnt melt in her mouth, but you wouldnt want to mess with her! Jewelry is Maxi Gossamer's and Slink Nail Appliers from Deesses, face piercing from Hollyweird.
She's wearing the same Dura hair as the first photos, just shows how versatile it is - and this outfit 'Lucy' by RD, also from The Pure Sales Room. It comes with a gold top but she's wearing this mesh tube top from FnH and a pair of fishnets.
Jacket has a funky skull sequin pattern on the back too! The Poses I used for Hartlyn are Eternal Dreams Star, which are from the Pure Sales Room, I use loads of their poses in my photos, you should check out their Main Store if you're into taking photos, you'll be there for hours I guarantee :)
The combat boots are new out from Miss Canning, they have a colour change hud so I'm showing pics of all the other colours besides black below.
Hope you enjoyed the post today, I love shopping, now if I can just get into Shoetopia..... x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hitch-hike to my heart - ft WAD Designs, Wow Shapes & Skins, Dura

Now then ... 'fess up girls .. if you saw this hunk hitch-hiking at the roadside, would you think twice about driving on past? Or slow down to give him a backwards glance? Mmmm? Wonder where he's been - or where he's going?
Who knows? One thing we do know for sure is he's wearing this cracking new Crank Suspenders Outfit from Winks at WAD Designs
As well, as the shirt, jeans, boots and braces (suspenders) - you get this rugged necklace - the hair here is Dura No 42 - Unisex - Skin and Shape are both Duke by WOW available now at the Rockabilly Fashion Fair.
The wrist straps here are from N-Creation. Love the design on these baggy jeans, just a touch that makes all the difference to an outfit! Dont forget you can see all WAD Designs outfit at the store inworld or on MarketPlace HERE..
Well, thanks for checking my blog again (she says as she skips out of the door swinging her car keys)

Bloggers Blunder ft Purple Moon , Zoul Creations, HeLa, Truth

Well, I have wasted half my day trying to get into Shoetopia and when I eventually got there, I couldnt see anything, or move, or afford anything anyway, so I thought I'd show you some of my recent purchases before I scream lol
This beautiful Hela Gently Top Dress is from at The Limited Bazaar this week, comes with tights but am wearing it with my favourite leather leggings from Tres Blah Butterfly Necklace, Earrings and Bangles are from Pure Poison
Rockstar boots from MarketPlace HERE, skin Tyra (Tone 5) from Zoul Creations Hair is Truth Miku
This kika Pullover was part of a Designer's Choice 55L outfit from Purple Moon - the buttons can be recoloured by clicking on them which is a great feature!
The Purple Moon outfit comes with yellow catsuit but I love these pants so much I kept them on! Belt from Baii Maii and the location for these photos is Egoisme Sim, thanks Ramses.