Thursday, 12 September 2013

Beachy Keen with !Soul, Modern Couture & Liquence

If you love your 60L weekends (as I do!) you just HAVE to check out this store I found called !Soul - everything there is 60L, and the dresses are so beautiful - I just had to get this yellow/orange one, it just has that feel good factor, you can imagine yourself walking along the water's edge, holding your hem in one hand, your flip flops in the other.. a soft breeze blowing through your long blonde hair... well I can dream lol.
Talking of long blonde hair, this one is from a scrumptious small but lovely store called Liquence, my first visit I bought two, and no I'm not admitting how many hairs I now have.. it's a secret between me and my inventory!
The Earrings are a lovely pair I got from Modern Couture after first spotting their lovely bracelet and rings at The Pure Sales Room
Before I drag myself away from this beautiful daydream, will just tell you the skin I used is Lara Hurley as in previous posts, hands & feet are Slink, eye make up Kosh Starlight and the poses I used were from Pin Me Up Poses.

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