Sunday, 20 October 2013

Boho Culture Fair Gifts!

 I thought I'd go check the Boho Culture Fair out, see what I was missing and came back with a pile of gifts - here are what I've found so far! First this GIFT Sky Music Note Top & Leggings, I wore here with  a bangle from my Inventory (Maxi Gossamer) Admiral Slink Shoes Add on from CandyDoll and the GIFT Necklace from Just You Jewels
 This yellow corset top was the GIFT from the EnvyMe Store the Necklace GIFT from Just You Jewels - The blonde hair is in the Naturals Gift Pack of the GIFT style Dori by Tameless The darker hair is the GIFT MINA Hair - Spice - Ombre. The very short blonde Side Winder hair is on a Lucky Board at Lala Moon.
The White or Yellow Spiral Earrings are from Dew at the Boho Fair - Tropical Breeze Dress below is the GIFT from Pixelites The wood Bangles were from Indi Designs
 The Four striped tops below are the GIFT from CH's. My skin is new from Zoul Creations - Abi
The Black Bow Music Top is the GIFT from Damned Dolls  - Necklace Voodoo Rocker from Maxi Gossamer
 Stars Fashion - had this pretty GIFT called Night Seduction
 This next GIFT below was from Shine Courtney Mesh Frill Top
 These lovely Saucer Earrings are the GIFT from  Bliensen + MaiTai - a colour to match most outfits!
Below is the 7 Deadly Skins Boho Faire GIFT. Green Boho Earrings were the GIFT from Motivaction & the Durango Necklace was the GIFT from Goth1c0
Hippy Headband below is the GIFT from Noname - The long chocolate Michelle dress GIFT was  LMD Designs and finally the short ArisAris Flavour GIFT Dress - hair on here is Anna from Emo-tions
Phew - I think that's enough for now, and I'm sure there are loads more things there I missed - so get over there and snap this lot up before it ends on October 31st!

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