Monday, 7 October 2013

Private Dancer ft WAD Silks

She's your private dancer, a dancer for money, she'll do what you want her to do..
She's your private dancer , a dancer for money, and any old music will do..
Well the men come in these places, and the men are all the same... You dont look at their faces, and you dont ask their names....
Crikey, it's a tough job being a belly dancer lol - Doesn't seem difficult to me when you have sexy outfits like this to dress up in! This dazzling blue Silks outfit is from WAD designs - or HERE on marketplace.
 I added a gorgeous Menarik Flower Headjewel, Barefeet & Bracelets from Soedara & some Jewel Gloves from an outfit @ Ramp.
 The skin is Sigrid from Glance and the hair is TNT from Catwa. Hammered Earrings are Maxi Gossamer's. Hope you enjoyed the blog and come back soon, dont forget to pop along to the WAD store, there's still a hunt there and a group gift every month! I've got a sudden urge for Turkish Delight... take care xxxx

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