Wednesday, 3 September 2014

'Ice Ice Baby' ft Sup Poses, WOW, ZOZ. Magic Nook, EccentriciXi, Cheeky Amour, Ikon, Slink, Runaway, Rowena's Designs.

Well, it had to be done didn't it? The Ice Bucket Challenge reaches SL .. and I hereby nominate The Fresh Style Bi-Weekly Salesroom as the place to head for this fun set of poses from Sup Poses!
The stool has several sitting animations in it and there are transferable buckets to use with the standing poses, so no excuse not to share the fun with your friends!
Of course while I was at the Fresh Style Salesroom, I also found this gorgeous dress from EccentirciXi - this appealed to the Flamenco Dancer in me - I didn't even know there was one inside me, but she was there all the time, lurking! The skin is Melissa from WOW - a limited edition for the 24 squared event - starts 5th Sept - Melissa comes in 4 tones and includes eyeliner, freckles, eye and lip colour tattoos. The Geometry Earrings are from Magic Nook @ The Dressing Room Fusion and the Calla Lily Necklace from Rowena's Designs.
I do love my hair, if you hadn't noticed lol - and I just grabbed this Runaway Jane v2 Style @ Cosmo Sales Room as soon as I saw it! I got the Essentials pack and I especially like this style as it doesn't cover your earrings :)
The Shoes are from Fresh Style too, these are the Cheeky Amour Friday Night Heels. Eyes are Ikon Vanity Platinum, my fave of the moment.
The Natural Rhinestone Nails above are from ZOZ @ the Rock Your Rack Show - These are mesh nails you wear with Slink Hands, not appliers, they have a sweet little rhinestone in the centre of the flower on each nail. They are easy to fit, you just size your slink casual or elegent hands to the size of the nails as described and use your slink utilities hud to hide the nails on the slink hands. There is an applier hud for regular slink nails included for the tonails.
Thanks again for checking my blog, come back soon, but first, pass me a towel!!!

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