Monday, 7 October 2013

Does my Bum look big in this?

First off I want to say a big Thank You to the lovely Lluna Nitely - owner of Panda Punx Body Shop. Not only has she had to put up with me nagging for Slink Appliers, losing them once I get them and generally being a pest - she sent me this gorgeous 'Hera' skin to blog - AND you can get ALL the Appliers you'd ever need lol! It's available now at the Feebs Rascal's Street Sales Room
Oh my - I've had a brilliant afternoon shopping my way round SL! I also have to say 'Phank you' to Forbidden Closet Designs for this sexy little 'Fall Back' outfit, I defy anyone to say my Phat Azz doesn't look good in these Jeans lol! Also has Tango Appliers AND the jeans/top are only 40L now at Katnipz Wonderland Mall - some real bargains to be had there!
AND if that wasn't enough for one day, I got a notice saying there was a HALF PRICE SALE on at Pure Poison, one of my favourite stores - how could I resist, I came away with this bracelet and the cat earrings/necklace - and along the way I was dragged kicking and screaming along to the Wizarding Faire where I found these totally magic Koikoi Witchipoo shoes for Slink Feet!
If you haven't been to the Wizarding Faire - you must go look, it's like a scene from a Harry Potter Film, with a long cobbled street and little shops either side, it's enchanting!
And talking of enchanting, while I was at the Feebs Sales Room, my eyes were drawn to this Barely Legal Queen of Hearts daring red lingerie and as red is my favourite colour and this it happened to have tango and phat azz appliers, it was like it was calling my name!
This set is soooo sexy, I don't want to take it off lol - and it looks just perfect with the Pure Poison Desire Necklace and Earrings set that sort of jumped off the shelf into my shopping basket! The red ring and my eyelashes are from Maxi Gossamer.
My enormous diamond engagement ring (:P) is from Yummy. The Hair is the older non-mesh version of TNT @ Catwa as I didnt want to cover the necklace! Nail Polish Applier I used was Blushed Shadow Tips you can find HERE on Marketplace. And on that note, I better get to bed, thanks for looking in x

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