Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hitch-hike to my heart - ft WAD Designs, Wow Shapes & Skins, Dura

Now then ... 'fess up girls .. if you saw this hunk hitch-hiking at the roadside, would you think twice about driving on past? Or slow down to give him a backwards glance? Mmmm? Wonder where he's been - or where he's going?
Who knows? One thing we do know for sure is he's wearing this cracking new Crank Suspenders Outfit from Winks at WAD Designs
As well, as the shirt, jeans, boots and braces (suspenders) - you get this rugged necklace - the hair here is Dura No 42 - Unisex - Skin and Shape are both Duke by WOW available now at the Rockabilly Fashion Fair.
The wrist straps here are from N-Creation. Love the design on these baggy jeans, just a touch that makes all the difference to an outfit! Dont forget you can see all WAD Designs outfit at the store inworld or on MarketPlace HERE..
Well, thanks for checking my blog again (she says as she skips out of the door swinging her car keys)

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