Friday, 15 November 2013

Wrap it Up Girls! ft WAD Designs, Zoul Creations, DeLa & Lazuri.

Rudolph eat your heart out! Check out this sexy as hell little number from WAD Designs - (wad on marketplace here) I'm sure not waiting till Xmas to wear this one!
In this merry little Christmas Present Bows (strippable) Outfit, you get the decorated antlers which create the snow effect just by clicking on them, bows for the boobs and down below plus a flashing nose!
If all that isn't enough to make you turn scarlett, how about this.. the thigh high boots are also included! They're not just for Xmas, you can wear these with any outfit and look devilishly hot!
Quick mention to my friend Rhonda for the Little Bow Necklace she gave me which goes perfectly with this outfit.. I should warn you that mischievous people can make the bows disappear by clicking on them.. but that's a chance us naughty girls are willing to take, right?
Here's a closer look at the Lala DeLa hair with the Tiara from the Lazuri jewelry set I showed you yesterday, eyes are Ikon Nymph, skin Zoul Creations Adriana (tone 4)
I LOVE this outfit and so will my partner when he claps eyes on it.. I reckon Winks should give free bibs out with this one for the drool! lol - Hope you enjoyed the blog, and come back soon! x

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