Friday, 8 November 2013

00-Siren ft WAD Designs

I felt a bit like Jessica Rabbit in this gorgeous New Red Siren Dress by Winks at WAD Designs - and I do have the hair to go with that style, but I wanted to show off the earrings so I went back to the Hairdressers!
I changed shape to do this dress justice, felt I needed to be tall, graceful and willowy so I went back and bought the mod version of this beautiful 'Stunning Shapes' Zizel from Room69 - just what I wanted!
This red hot dress could almost self combust it's so hot! You can wear the net shirt that comes with it or leave it off, it's up to you! Also has shoes to match.
Hair is Diva from Iconic, bracelets from Modern Couture and necklace from Glow - the earrings are also from Glow and available at a special price at the Dressing Room Fusion at the moment.
The skin is Abi (tone 3) from Zoul Creations. Queen Bee Eyeliner from Pink Acid, Dark Red Lipstick from Pekka, Kosh Starlight Eyeshadow. Faceted Diamond Ring Yummy
There are also some French Manicure Nails with the outfit for non-slink hands, but finally a close up of the lovely shoes that are part of this gorgeous Red Siren outfit from Winks either on Marketplace HERE or at the store WAD Designs - Winks also has some great outfits at the Pure Sales Room too!
How could you not fall in love with these shoes? Thanks again for popping in, I better try get some sleep before RL rears it's ugly head! See you tomorrow! x

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