Thursday, 4 September 2014

'Sunny Side of the Street' ft ZOZ, Asteria Creatrions, Liquence, Kunglers, Ikon, Whatever, Hucci, Le Poppycock.

Blogging isn't just about showing off new clothes to me, mainly it is, but it's more than that, I like to visit new places on SL, experiment with the windlight, even if I admit I have no idea what I am doing most of the time, and finding music to add to my post takes me back to happier times. Such as today, I was looking for a shop and found this quaint (for want of a better word) sim called 'The Looking Glass' - haven't found the shops yet but it got me thinking of my Mother playing 'Sunny Side of the Street'  when I was young and it made me smile.
I think she would have approved of this outfit too - smart, classy and sexy - it's the new release from Asteria Creations - this is the Sarah Mesh Long Dress in Red - there's also an Ivory version AND it also comes with some pretty shoulder flowers I completely missed until after I took the pics - arghhhhhhh!!!!
I saw some Liquence Hair in a blog yesterday which reminded me I had this F3 style in my inventory, I like finding things I forgot I'd got! This is from the Genetics pack and comes with the hair base. The skin is Chloe from Whatever in the Latte Tone. Eyes are Ikon Vanity Platinum.
The Gold Medusa Earrings and Mixed Bracelets are from Kunglers - I think I will have bought these in the past at The Dressing Room Fusion but they do have a Main Store - the Nail Appliers for Slink Hands are 'Just Dark Metals' from ZOZ.
.. and finally, here are the shoulder flowers that come with the dress! :) Poses from Le Poppycock.
 Take it away Johnny..  "Just direct your feet .. to the sunny side of the street.."

 Love you Mum xxx

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