Monday, 4 August 2014

'Maybe' ft Panda Punx, Mina, Ikon, Bens Beauty, ZOZ, Glow Designs, BN Designs, Slink, Izzie's.

"Candles burnin', glasses are chilled
And soon she'll be by
Hope and pray she'll say
That she's willin' to give us another try
And if all those plans I've made
Don't melt the lady's heart
I'll put on the old 45's..
And maybe the old songs will bring back the old times
Maybe the old lines will sound new
Maybe she'll lay her head on my shoulder
Maybe old feelings will come through..
..Or maybe we'll start to cry and wonder why
We ever walked away
Maybe the old songs will bring back the old times
And make her want to stay"

 Sometimes I just can't think of any better way to describe the outfits than just looking at the photos, and I love listening to my old favourite songs while I am doing it, so I share that too..
Thank you for looking, come back soon x

Skin - Panda Punx - Brooke {under my spell} @ Cosmo Sales Room
Hair - Roos - Mina - Light Reds
Heart Ring, Eden Bracelet and Ring Set - Bens Beauty
Nail Applier for Slink Hands - ZOZ - Shimmer Basics @ Designer Showcase
Heart Key Necklace - Izzie's
Skirt/Top - Brenda - BN Designs @ OMG Room
Shoes - Chained Pumps for Slink High Feet (vampire) - Glow Designs @ Trend Fashion Fair
Eyes - Ikon - Maya - Destiny

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