Sunday, 24 August 2014

'The Things We Do!' ft Rowena Springflower, ZOZ, Exile, Emo-tions, Adoness, Modish, Slink, Ikon, MV

Well it started off as a good day before it descended in chaos lol.. I was looking for somewhere to take pictures of this Rowena's Designs 'Elaine' Victorian Skirt & Jacket Suit, so I browsed a Flickr Group showing Destinations and found this place. I was advised by a friend that this outfit would be fantastic for steampunk RP, though I didn't confess I am not entirely sure what steampunk is, or if the word even existed before SL?
So I flew around a bit, strutted my stuff .. as you do, got a couple of half decent pics.. managed to get the ZOZ Natural Silver Heart Nails (from Designer Circle) in the pics as well as the Exile Crazy in Love Hair, Modish Kandice skin, Emo-tions Pearl Ring and Adoness Lady Crow Earrings
The 'Elaine' outfit has a seperate texture changer for the skirt and jacket so you can alter the colour of the collar, vest, jacket, laces, skirt and skirt panels, so loads of options to play with. Also wearing the 'Kostika' boots I won on a lucky letter board at MV - then, my work complete, I walked down an alleyway and bumped into ....
Yikes! My Ikon Promise Eyes almost jumped out of my head lol!
Thanks for checking my blog today, come back soon!

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