Saturday, 16 May 2015

" I always feel like..' ft Zoul Creations, Pomposity, ZOZ, Ikon, Cynful, RYCA, Vista, Magika, Shey, Maitreya

.. somebody's watching me...."

We got these new scarey 'wraith' statues for AFTERLIFE so I thought I'd use them for this post - creepy  but I like them! I found them on Marketplace but they are also on sale in the HarshLands inworld store. Anyone's welcome to come along and use the Afterlife Club, Swamp, Graveyard or Dungeons to take their photos.

Today I'm showing off this gorgeous new skin called Ashley by Zoul Creations and it's on sale now at the Cosmetics Fair. Ashley, like all Zoul skins comes in 10 different skin tones, includes eyeshadows and lipsticks and a choice of cleavage. There are lots of appliers available at the main store too. I am wearing skin tone 4.

The hair here is 'Cardigan' by Magika - it has a hud for the ribbon, but you can also edit it to change the texture to any colour you like. Shoes are Magnolian Stilettos from Shey - I only recently discovered this store but if you have Slink feet, honestly check it out, the value for money is amazing! Also new out are the Studded Cross Dermal Feet Piercings from Pomposity.

The lovely 'Summer Swirl' nail polish here is from ZOZ, I love this set - it's on sale at TDR and comes in versions for slink nails, zoz mesh nails or maitreya hands. Also from TDR is this sexy little dress from Cynful it's available in several colours and includes various sizes, including one that fits perfectly on my maitreya 'Lara' body. The colour change diamond bangle and ring are again from Pomposity and the 'Victoria' platinum ring is from RYCA. The mobile phone is from Vista Animations. If you click on the phone while wearing it, you can have your avi take a 'selfie' or just talk on her mobile.

This beautiful diamond hollow bow tie short necklace is again from Pomposity, you can change the metal colour on this too. eyes are IKON Ascension Eyes in Nymph. Lipstick is 'nude 03' from the Zoul Creations Ashley pack, the eyeshadow is Nefirtiti in coal by Sn@tch and cat eyeliner from Skinnery. I must point out as I didn't notice when taking these pics... the windlight I used had a blue tinge, it's made the neck join from the body look a little off but if you use the CALWL setting as I always do, it's a perfect match.


Thanks so much for checking my blog, I do enjoy doing them - even if not as frequently as I used to xx

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