Saturday, 13 September 2014

'Sew What' ft Precious Designs, WOW, ZOZ, Pomposity, Drift, Fanatik, Dura, Hudson's, THD, Ikon, Slink

A big thank you to Rowena Springflower for letting me use her recently acquired Arcade items for my posts - she's been busy redecorating her store and it looks brilliant, inside and out - oh and she has some sexy new boots out, but I'll just keep you waiting for my next post to see those, unless you cant wait, in which case, they are facing you as you enter the store.
Oh dear, I just realised here I am in red again lol, it's becoming a theme - I should really try to chose another colour - too late for today though! There is a new release at Ikon and below is the new group gift - these are the new Hope Eyes and the gift ones are a gorgeous Denim colour. The Bold Eyeliner is from THD and the eye makeup from Tameless.
So.. (or should I say sew..) this is another cute skin from WOW - this is Lexie in the dark tan tone and is out now at The Thrift Shop. Nails Appliers for Slink Hands are Glitter Kiss from ZOZ and the jewelry - well you may have guessed since this is the umpteenth time I've blogged it, I really like this Coral Elephant Set from Hudson's. The Gemstone Flower Rings I found at the Thrift Shop are Pomposity and these are also great because you can change metal colour and also the gemstone.
Dura have some cool new men's hair out which is just as good for females, I was dithering about which to get when I saw the ad for this one on the wall and loved it, this is unisex style boys & girls 49 (black). Hairbase isnt included, I am using one I had from Mystic Canvass, not quite a perfect match but close enough for me lol.
The Glory & Gore Heels for Slink High Feet are from Precious Designs, Rowena's partner-in-crime, well they share a store anyway! There are some really lovely designs from both ladies, you'd be mad not to pay a visit! And wait till you see the boots!!! Oh I almost forgot .. duh.. the top is from Drift @ The Dressing Room Fusion and the sexy Leather Mini Skirt Fanatik! Gotta dash, late for work xxxx

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