Friday, 29 August 2014

'Going Under' ft Elysium, Plastik, Maitreya, Slouch, Ikon, Death Row Designs, Truth, Pandemonium

Ooohh, I am sure my avi looks the spitting image of Amy from Evanescence.. well a bit anyway!
I'm showing off the latest Elysium skin again today - this is Kate in the Chai tone - Not easy to blog skins perfectly, everyone sees them differently on their own computers with facelights, windlights etc, which is why trying the free demos at the main store is a good idea and there are some lovely group gifts there to pick up, so no reason not to! I added make up for a goth effect - black lips from Curves and Queen Bee Eyeliner from Pink Acid. Eyes are from Ikon - Immortal - Sage
I was really chuffed to find this Starias outfit at The Plastik at a bargain price - it includes the dress, collar, horns and jewelry - the Demon Hands are from Death Row Designs - another place with awesome group gifts at the Main Store. The body tattoo was from an Eternal Darkness outfit called Feral Kitty which is HERE on Marketplace.
The Black Gold Snake Boots are an old fave of mine from Maitreya. Poses are from Slouch and I took the pics at Afterlife - it's like a graveyard outside the club and a lot of the items are from Pandemonium - if you're looking for inspiration for Gothic or Dark, Spooky Builds, you need to check the Main Store out as well as Marketplace, there are demo areas you can rez the buildings etc, I could spend all day there lol.

 Thanks for checking my blog and come back soon!

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