Monday, 13 October 2014

'Bewitched' ft VIPs Creations, Zoul Creations, Pekka, Whatever, Pixel Fashion, Slink

I was looking at the date and I can't believe it's mid October already, this year has flown by! It's almost the witching season, which gives us another change to dress up - yay!

The beauty of this goth 'Blood Wings' outfit from VIPs Creations is you can wear the whole kit and caboodle to scare everyone's socks off at Halloween, but then afterwards when you're not so evil, you can still wear the wicked dress on it's own!

The skin here is Zoul Creations Allison, the teeth from Whatever, and the lips are Pekka Homicidal. The Bold Eyeliner is THD and the Magic Vine Eyes come with the outfit. The blood on the neck is a tattoo layer, also included.

The Hat and Hair is also included and the gloves have an applier for Slink hands which is great, since most people have them these days - there's also an applier for the Nails - they've thought of everything! You can find this outfit at the Mainstore or on Marketplace HERE along with loads of other Halloween Outfits to chose from.

The Shoes are an old favourite of mine which I dont use as often now as they aren't for Slink feet - but apart from that they are gorgeous - PixelFashion Devil's Heels. I took the photos at Afterlife.

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