Saturday, 11 June 2016

'Fields Of Gold' ft Catwa, LeLutka, TMP, Maitreya, Amara Beauty, Gabriel, Addams, Rebellion, Exposeur, Tabou, Maxi Gossamer, No Match, TMP, The Gates of Melancholy

Now I have the love of my life all meshed up and raring to go, we decided to take a few pics.. not as easy as you'd think when most places dont allow you to rez pose balls! Fortunately I found this lovely sim called 'Gates of Melancholy' and the owner will add you to the group to rez as long as you clear up after yourself

And while I am in the mood to be picky, come on you designers of clothes for the male TMP bodies! About time you pulled your socks up and gave our lovely men some decent fitting clothes - how many men have splashed out all that dosh on these sexy bodies and then been unable to find clothes to fit? I was shocked at some of the ill fitting clothes my man tried which were advertised as 'TMP compatible' I don't know which mesh body they based their fitting on but it definitely wasn't this one!
Once he logs back on I'll update this blog with the items that he is wearing that DO fit!

My clothes are the same as in my last blog - I know, it's terrible - I normally change outfits at least three times a day lol. I'll list them below anyway.. Thanks again for checking out my blog and come back soon!

Head - Catwa Sarah
Body - Maitreya Lara
Skin Applier - Amara Beauty - Riley @ We<3 RP
Riders Jacket - Gabriel @ Vintage Fair
Lixie Jeans & Waist Chain - Addams
Embroidered Bustier Applier Top - Sn@tch
Rock Star Gloves & Finger Tape - Tabou @ Rock Attitude Fair
Hair - Clarice - LeLutka
'Fatality' Leather Bracelet - Rebellion
Banshee Stud Heart Short Necklace - Maxi Gossamer
Amalfi Summer Night Earrings - Maxi Gossamer ( Group Gift) 

Head, Body & Skin Applier - TMP
Hair - No.Match - No Access
Jeans - Daniel Grant - Alex Worn Blue Jeans 
Boots - Jericho Desert Boots - Cold Ash  
Sweater - Dayton Sweater - Cold Ash

Poses - Exposeur

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