Sunday, 24 May 2015

'Black & white, a beautiful sight' ft Rowena's Designs, Emo-tions, Designs by Kira, Maxi Gossamer, Ikon

When Rowena Springflower showed me this new Gabbie skirt. overall and top outfit I checked out the hud and immediately decided the black/white option was my favourite! This comes in several sizes, including this one, which is meant for the Slink Physique body. I am wearing it with the Maitreya Lara though and apart from needing a bit of the alpha on the bottom, it's a perfect fit.

Jewelry is from Maxi Gossamer - I have had this 'True Hearts' necklace for ages, you can change the colour so of course I chose black and the Neon ChuChu earrings/bangles I got this weekend as they are on a promo offer at the store - these are also color change.

Hair is 'Mystery' from Emo-tions - I love this style, it's two styles in one really, you can also wear it up in a bun just by clicking on it,  and there's another style with a head band in two options. Eyes are Ikon 'Promise' in Glass.

This gorgeous new Vivica skin is from Style by Kira, on sale at The Makeover Room, in three skin tones and appliers are also available there.The freckles tattoo was with a hair I got at Besom (new name for milk/soonsiki hair). Brows here are LDP and the lips from Pekka (now called Kibitz)

The matching Gabbie heels for Slink high feet from Rowena's Designs also have a colour change hud and are damn cute arent they?

I took the pics at Afterlife again :) Thanks for checking out my blog and come back soon x

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